Taking a break

You may have noticed that it went quiter here and on social media the last two months and i am truly sorry about that. I continously tried to get out of the writing slump and get back on schedule, but it never really worked out.


A few inspirations if you don't know what to buy at MAC

Maybe you haven't dugged into the world of MAC products yet and the amount and variety of products are overwhelming for you. Or you already own quite the collection and don't know what to buy anymore. I have some help for you either way. Everybody has different preferences in product types and colours and i'm not an expert in terms of MAC (actually i am still a bit overwhelmed by the amount of different products). So here are a few posts and videos from ladys who already have an impressive MAC collection and know what they are talking about. After watching and reading named posts and videos i added a few (or a lot) of products to my MAC wishlist so go ahead and i'll hope you can do the same. So know i'll stop talking and leave the talking to the ladys.


Why you should get samples before buying skincare

I came up with this postidea while scrubing my face with a sample of the 7 Day Scrub from Clinique, which i intended to buy but got a sample first. That was the right choice, because the scrub was roo harsh for me and i felt like i was scrubing off my skin. Good thing i didn't bought the full size right away. Once i had a strawberry red face from a moisturizer, it was just a drugstore one and therefore not expensive but still.


How to maintain your summer tan

Summer is my favorite time of the year and i do love a good natural tan. I'll lay hours on the beach or in my backyard to achieve the perfect tan. When you're home from vacation or the sunny times in your backyard are over you desperately want to keep the nice tan as long as possible. It will share a few of the things i do to maintain my summer tan as long as possible.


Favorite 5 Travel Apps

I love traveling, seeing new countries, new cities, exploring the unknown and making experiences i wouldn't if i stayed at home. I always wanted to see the world, do a trip around the world. I have that kind of urge that pulls me to unknown places. That's one of the reasons why i'm in Canada for 10 months. Below i'll talk about my favorite Travel apps, which are five to be exact. 


Are the Maybelline Nudes Palettes any good?

Maybelline brought out their "The Nudes Palette" a few months ago and everybody wanted to get their hands on it. It did look promising and i had to visit the drugstore a few times to finally find one on the shelf. Then a few weeks ago i saw a picture of the "The Blushed Nudes Palette" on Twitter and i immediately wanted to have it. I am longing for the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette for quite a while now and this one looked as if it could please my desire in that department at least for now.


June Favorites

The around 40 degree hot weather makes me not wear makeup at all or it will be washed away after jumping into the pool. And i didn't purchased any new beauty bibs or bobs so there is nothing new to tell in that department. If you're interested in my current favorite makeup products check out my Mai or April Favorites.

I don't like to use perfume in the warmer months, so i'm all for Body mists and sprays. First of all you smell so fricking good and it refreshes your skin so nicely. I like to use it in my hair too, although i know it's not the best for your hair because of the alcohol in it. Once somebody told me that I and especially my hair smelled so good. Afterwards i was thinking about what i put on and it was this Body Mist from Victoria's secret. It smells sweet and fruity but not too heavy.

 I don't like the "dirty" sweaty feeling of my face in the morning, so i want something that cleans and refreshes my skin and makes it feel fresh. The facewash from Neutrogena does exactly that and my skin doesn't feel thight or dry afterwards. Another plus is that it helps against pimpels and blackheads so thumbs up for that.

 I got this as a gift with my purchase and at first i didn't liked it at all. It feels too heavy on the skin and the thing that really really put me off was the smell. It just smells like glue. Ugh. At some point i used it on my dehydration lines and it was like a miracle. They were gone. Like immediatly. Still hate the smell though.

Lollipop is more summery red. It has a orange hint to it and i love the shade. Tart Deco is a peach coral with a lot of white in it, so it makes your tan look intense. The two shades i'm wearing all the time. And i found out the perfect way for me to wear essie nailpolishes. Two coats and that's it. No Basecoat, no Topcoat and it lasts 3-4 days. Awesome for summer laziness.


What to pack when you're gone for a long time

This post will be part of a Canada series where i talk about my experience as an AuPair, living away from home for ten months, tips and information about Canada. There is no specific schedule in which i publish those posts but they all will be posted in the next four months. Round about. 

When i moved for ten months to Canada i knew before that i wanted it to happen and that there were high chances that it would, but i had no idea when and where in specific i would move. 2 weeks before my departure i got those informations and my life went from normal and not sure if it will work out to a complete chaos where i would leave everything behind in two weeks time. It was crazy. There were so many things to organize, to do, to buy, people to meet and say goodbye to. 
In all this time i never really thought about what to pack. I bought suitcases and stuff like q-tips or face wipes but apart from that i didn't planned anything. My thought was that i would just put everything i use into my suitcase and be done with it. Haha. No. It worked out quite fine in the end, but i wished afterwards i would have thought more about it or had something to help me. Just like a post similar to this one. 
Packing for a "move" to a different country for a longer time is totally different from packing for a two week vacation. If you forgot something it is only 2 weeks until you have it again. 

First of all you should gather information about how the weather will be in the time you're there. Are you only there in the warmer or in the colder months? How warm or cold will it be? That's a department i personally underestimated. I knew it would be up to minus 20 degrees in the winter, but i didn't thought much about the 40 degree hot summer. So i bought a thick coat, mittens, the whole schebeng. BUT i only packed 2 shorts, one dress and one skirt i could wear everyday. And one bikini. Not that good of a choice. But apart from the weather conditions you should also think about what you will do in your time there. Will you mostly stay at home and need comfortable clothes or are you going to a lot of meetings where you need more business clothes? I packed way to many thight skirts and clothes i would wear on a more fancy event or a night out, but not everyday looking after kids.
The most important tip i can give you though is packing things you already wear lots and you like to wear and you know you will wear. Forget about the dress you always think you should wear  but never did before. Save the space.

These are the things you probably won't forget about so easily. The things you use everyday like moisturizer, hairbrush and so on and so on. Put don't overpack. Look up if you can get those things in the country you're moving to. If yes pack only the one product you have, if no buy one or two backups depending on how quick you go through them. I'm thinking about my holy grail concealer i can't get in canada. I regret not bringing a backup. To save space buy bodylotion, showergel, shampoo and those things in travel sizes. You have something for the first week or two and in that time you should be able to buy big sizes where you are then.

Do i need my photography equipemt? What if i want to start a sport while i'm there but don't have my clothes with me (like balletshoes, riding equipment, etc)? Here you have to plan and if you don't know think about if it would be so bad if you wouldn't have those things with you. Or if you could combine different needs. You can easily go to a ballett class in yoga leggins or jogging pants. In this department it is all depending on how much space you have left in your suitcase after you put everything else in. Don't put important things out of your suitcase just to put the things from this department in. You might end up not using them.

Besides the things you use everyday there are things you don't, but still need to pack. Or you will hope you did once you need them. I forgot Tweezers, Body lotion and (even if it is a thing is use everyday twice) my toothbrush. Last was a bit stupid, i admit. I never thought about the tweezers or the nailoil or handcream while packing, because i don't use them everyday. I use them maybe once a week or once a months. So i didn't had them on my mind while thinking about things i use often. Yes, you can easily buy them in the country you are later, but it is an unnecessary money spending you could have saved. 

Do you have any tips on packing? Where you gone for a few months already and did some of those mistakes i mentioned?


How to NOT buy beauty products

It may seem strange to write about this kind of topic on a beautyblog, where i write about all the products i love, can't live without, want to or already have purchased. And it is. Kind of. I think i will never be able to hold me back from buying too much, too expensive and totally unnecessary beauty products for a long time or forever. But from time to time it is a good idea to stay away from tempting beauty isles and give your bank account a rest and a chance to recover. Afterwards you might discovered new favorite products in your own stash and may discovered what kind of products you like to use, you need in your stash and kind of products you should stay away from.

All it did to me to not purchase any kind of beauty products i didn't need (not that i need any to be honest) is that i am more secure in my buying and know what i want and what i don't.

First things first and the obvious one, just don't enter any beauty isles. If you don't you don't get tempted and you can't buy anything. Easy but effective.

Still you can't stay out of drugstores or beauty stores forever, because we have needs. We need the everyday stuff like shampoo, shower gel, moisturizer and co, which are ok to purchase. Problem is you have to enter a beauty isles for this and there are so many tempting things you want to throw in your basket and buy. What helped me was making a list of the things i needed and sticked to the list. If i only need hairproducts i don't stop at the cosmetic part of the store instead i headed straight to the hairproducts. Don't even look (:D).

If you read beauty blogs and watch YouTube videos like i do and don't want to stop, but can't help it to get fixed on products, make a wishlist. Write the things you think you need to have on a list and after the months or the time you set for this challenge you look at the list and you can maybe even cross a few of the things you don't want anymore.

Don't go without a list to the beauty isles anymore or at the least not a lot. Put things from your wishlist you want the most on your shopping list. Maybe even set a limit of products, like 5 or 10 products. Then look and swatch or test the products on your shopping list first. If it is skincare, ask for a sample and try it at home. If it is a highend product read reviews and see if it would fit you and your beauty habits and if you would actually use it after the purchase.

Did you ever challenged yourself to not buy any beauty procuts?


June Lookback

When i say seriously. I mean seriously HOT weather. Around the 40's. The temperature where you just want to sit inside where it's kind of cold. Not really, but kind of. Good thing we have a pool though, because without that i would just sit in a bucket of water. Thumbs up for the pool! Although while i'm writing this post it's raining since 7am so...i don't know what's with the weather.

I know, that i'm currently very boring in the makeup department. Sorry for that, but i just can't seem to bother with makeup. It's too hot and nobody except the family sees me anyways. So...yeah no makeup guys.

I'm so excited and i just can't hide it! I'm going to Quebec at the end of August and even added a week before i fly home again, so i can stay a bit longer. I already made a list of what to see in Montreal & Quebec city. It's gonna be awesome, guys. All the good french canadian food and speaking french (which i'm a bit scared about honestly). The countdown says 52 more days!

The last two months or so there were weeks, where i didn't post anything. And most of the time without or very short notice. I'm so sorry for that. But i work 5 days a week 9 hours and most of the time am only able to go on my laptop at around 9 or 10. Then i'm most of the time too exhausted to write anything good. On the weekend we do stuff most of the time, so i don't have time to write posts either. And another problem is, that i don't know what to write about. Serious writing slumb.

Just finished "how to be bad" by E. Lockhart, Lauren Myracle and Sarah Mylnowski and it was soo good. It's this months #BUTTONSBOOKSHELF so i am excited for Estée's video. It's about three girls going on a roadtrip to Miami and just being badass and doing badass stuff and growing into a really good friendship. And after i finished the book i made a Spotify playlist with all the songs mentioned in the book. Which i love btw.

How was your month?


The nomakeup makeup look for hot summer days

Does anyone else has the same phenomenon going on in the summer, when the motivation to put on any kind of fancy makeup sinks against not there? I do have it. But i only let this feeling win, when i know i don't have to go out of the house or a lot under people. If i do have to wear makeup and i'm fine with a nomakeup makeup look than i am rocking it. Best thing about it is the time it takes, nearly none. Maybe five minutes? And i look more like a human and i dare to go under people.

First i put on a moisturizer or if i want a bit more "coverage" or colour correction i use a BB Cream like the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream . Sometimes a light coverage foundation. Sweep it all over my face, favorite method for this are hands. A bit of the Maybelline Master Conceal under the eyes to cover any dark circles. Blend it in with fingers and sometimes the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge for the finish touches.
For a bit colour on the cheeks i either put Revlons Creamblush with the fingers or a brush on and that's nearly it. I finish up the look with a bit of Mascara, at the moment the Maybelline Manga Mascara or the Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara. And last but not least a bit of clear brow gel to get those brows into shape. I don't bother with filling them in, although my brows aren't the boldest ones. The clear brow gel makes them stay in place and look a bit more done than if i would leave them like they are.
That's it. Nothing fancy, nothing time consuming, but still a look that makes me look a lot better than no makeup. It's all light and feels like you have nothing on your face.

What do you like to put on makeup wise on hot summer days?


Beach Day Essentials

Beach Days are my favorites. Relaxing on the beach, jump from time to time into the water, have an icecream or two and get that tan going. Who doesn't love a good Beach Day? I would love to live at the beach at some point in my life, because it must be so nice to open the back door and be on the beach.

First things first bikini, towel, sunglasses, flip flops are things you shouldn't forget, when going to the beach.
For me the probably most important thing to pack, despite the basic things mentioned above, is a good book or magazine. I like reading books all year around, but there is something special about reading a book in the sun. I don't know. I finished "All the light we cannot see" by Anthony Doerr yesterday on the beach and i will probably start with the third book of the Immortal Instruments series today or tomorrow. If you want to know more about the books i read and how i like them, check out my Goodreads profile here.
Beauty product wise i recommend first of all sunscreen. I don't have a particular favorite kind of sunscreen, i just use whatever i have at the moment. Next thing would be a Bodymist. I discovered bodymists for me last summer and it is a nice way to refresh yourself. I just mist all the parts of my body that aren't covered in clothes and i instantly feel less hot. It cools you down quick and you smeel nicely afterwards. The Victoria's Secret or Body Shop Body mists are my favorite ones.
Next thing is a spray conditioner for my hair. The water and the sun and the drying in the sun, isn't good for my hair. To get it smooth and not a tangeld mess on my head i use the Gliss Kur Hair Repair Express Repair Conditioner on wet hair. Afterwards it is easily to brush through and it looks a lot nicer. That's another essential for me, a hairbrush.
All of it packed into my beachbag and i am ready to go for a nice sunny day on the beach. 

What are your beach day essentials?


Top 5 Fashion Blogger/YouTuber

I'm very picky when it comes to fashion bloggers even pickier than with beauty bloggers or YouTubers. I don't know, the style of the blogger has to speak to me in a way, that i can see myself in that kind of outfit. And i don't like just one style like preppy. I like different styles. You will see what i mean, when you visit the ladys mentioned below on their blogs. The thing is that i don't like every single outfit they post, more like every third. Because i like the mix of different styles...Hard to explain, just have a look.

A newly New York based Beauty/Fashion Youtuber. She did more beauty focused videos a few years ago, but the reason i love her channel are her fashion videos. Especially the Get the Look for Less videos for different celebrities are the bomb.com. Seriously love her style. I have to go through all her fashion vids again and make screenshots of the outfits so i can pin them on my Pinterest fashion inspiration board.

German fashion blogger girl. First ever fashion blogger i followed. Supercute. And her Outfits are feminine, girly, but still elegant. Some of them are ultimate favorites of mine. And her How to Style Series is so inspirational and makes me step out of my comfortzone from time to time.

I came to Kat's blog over Instagram. Her outfits are so elegant. I would like my style to go more in the elegant, effortless, grown up, simple way.  Seriously you have to check her out. Definite style crush and want feeling overload.

The more edgy, "hipster" blogger of the bunch. Some of her outfits really make me want to buy all the things she wore and probably look not like me anymore, but i like a edgy piece in my wardrobe here and there. 

This is the preppy, elegant blogger i like. I know quite the mix here. She doesn't only posts beautiful wearable outfits, there are also some DIY Fashion tutorials here and there and hers are looking so good and are most of the time really easy to do. So thumbs up for that. Her style is btw just effortless ang wow.

Who is your favorite Fashion Blogger/Youtuber?

P.S. Sundays upload time is from now 9am PST. Just to let you know :)


Sephora Wishlist

I have the Sephora obession too (who doesn't?!). I do feel the need to browse the Sephora website once in a while and fill my basket with too many and too expensive products. I can't order online, because i don't have a creditcard so i have to wait until i have access to a store. I know there are Sephora stores in europe, but they don't stock all the interesting products the american or canadian Sephora's does. So one thing that is on my To-Do list for Canada is visting Sephora. The next Sephora is a 2-hour-drive away from the place i live, but i may make that trip this month. Actually i HAVE to do it this months, because it's my brithday month and i need the Sephora Birthday gift. I mean two Nars Lip Pencils, who doesn't want these?

//Tarte Amazonian Clay 12- Hour Blush "Exposed" & "Blissfull" - 34 C$
That's THE number one on my Tarte wishlist. All the american YouTubers are raving about the blushes since forever and everybody else, who got their hands on them too. "Exposed" is supposedly the perfect nude coloured blush out there and i think i saw "Blissfull" by essiebutton and was immediatly impressed by the finish on her cheeks. If i go out of Sephora with only one thing (or two) than it's those blushes.

Viviannadoesmakeup loves the Agave Lip Mask and i tend to get really dry lips when the weather is changing so i wanted to try this lipmask. I don't want to spend that much money on a product i don't know i will like, so this set with a included srubstick is perfect.

My obsession with all things skincare continues and this faceoil is being raved about with no end. Fresh is a good and popular skincare brand and one can never have too many moisturizing face oils, right?
We can't get it anymore in germany or anywhere in europe i think. I kept seeing it in posts and vids and was so in love with it and at the same time so sad that it wasn't available anymore. Until i saw it on one of my late night Sephora website browses. I nearly made a little happy dance sitting there on my bed. I just need this palette.

I'm in love with matte eyeshadows and a palette with only matte eyeshadows (and 12 of those) is my dream come true. There's not only the usual brown hues, there are plums and everything you could wish for as a neutral eyeshadow kinda gal. And the packaging is so pretty with the gold inside and the big mirror and everything. No words needed for this beaut.
Anna's ongoing rave about the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask from Peter Thomas Roth is unreal. Again i don't want to spend that much money on a mask i don't know i will like. This set contains the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, the Cucumber Gel Mask and the Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask. So three masks to try. Skincare obsession continues. 

I always wanted to try lipsticks from Bite Beauty, because their lipsticks are supposed to be real good. The Duo is another way to save money and try as many products as possible. There's a more nude option (the one i will choose) and a bright option with an orangy red and a pinky plum colour. 

Oh yes, it is a lot of money. Omorovicza products are amazing and amazingly expensive. The Travel Set includes the Queen of Hungary Mist the facemist viviannadoesmakeup and lilypebbles and the bloggerworld loves to death. The Cleansing Foam, the Thermal Cleansing Balm, the Deep Cleansing Mask and the Balancing Moisturizer are partly products on my to try list too. So that would be a lucky purchase.
Another brand we can't get easily a hold of in Europe and a brand everybody seems to love. A hairproduct line with the name "Perfect Hair Day" is just one i have to try. I mean who doesn't want the Perfect Hair Day everday?

Depending if the Sephora i will visit has any of those sets and how i like them in person i will may purchase one (or two) of those Beauty on the Fly Set, Beauty Closet Set or  the Ultimate Hair Essentials Set. On the Sephora website they all look tempting. Very.

Which products are on your Sephora wishlist? Or what are your favorite products to buy in Sephora?


Summer Picks

As i declared already here the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation is THE Summer Foundation for me. It's just amazeballs. Light coverage, no heavy feeling on the skin, a light luminous finish. Just read the review for a detailed rave.

My newly discovered Creamblush "Coral Reef" from Revlon is my fave. Especially because it gets 37 degrees (celcius) here at the moment. So i'm sweating my butt off and this baby stays were it should. Another favorite are shimmer blushes and with shimmer i mean shimmer and not glitter. I don't want to look like a discoball when the sunshine hits my cheeks. But a bit colour combined with a fresh summer glow is perfect. My favorite is the Glow Touch Blush from P2, sadly germany only.

A dupe from Catrice (germany) for the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors. I love the formula. That it makes your lips look smoother and plumper, without looking like you put something on your lips. The Catrice one has a too sweet scent for me and i am wanting to purchase one of the Clarins ones for yonks. So that's on top of my list.

Back to the basics is the motto for my nails at the moment. Classic reds, for example "Dress to Kilt" from Essie. Or nude tones to emphasize my tan a bit without going full onto the bold or white area. Favorite Nude coloured nailpolish of all time is "Spin the Bottle" from Essie. I know boring, but sometimes i am like that.

What are your favorite products for Summer?


Shampoo & Conditioner for full weightless hair

I am on my neverending search for the perfect shampoo and conditioner. And i haven't found the perfect combo yet, but this one is close. Very close. My hair tends to get greasy very quick and even quicker when i am not using the right shampoo. It has to do a real good cleaning jpb, without being too drying on my skin. Otherwise i get an itchy scalp. Strange i know, but that's not all. My ends are quite dry and tend to get a bit frizzy if they don't get enough moisture. The problem here is, that my hair is fine and straight so a too nourishing conditioner will weigh my hair down even more.

What i want my hair to look like? Fresh for at least two days. Moisturized in the ends, so no dry ends and less frizz. Despite this volume especially in the roots.
And it seems i found a combo that is near to perfect. The Dove Oxygen Moisture line.

The shampoo is clearing my scalp very good from any greasiness and oils. It stays fresh up there for two to three days, although the third day is a day for a ponytail or bun of some sort. The effect that got me loving this shampoo is that it seems to lift my roots and make my hair look a lot more voluminous even on the second day.

The conditioner is moisturizing, but slightly too less nourishing for my ends. My ends are softer and less frizzy, but still not enough that i could say it is close to the perfect conditioner. One thing that i really really like about this conditioner though is the fact, that it is moisturizing but not weighing down my hair at all. That is crucial when it comes to making fine hair look voluminous and light.

All in all i really like this line and the Shampoo & Conditioner Combo and in combination with the hairmask i mentioned here it is my current Haircare Routine in the shower.

Do you have any recommandations for my type of hair/needs? What is your favorite Shampoo & Conditioner Combo at the moment?


Mai Favorites

 I don't even know how in the world i was able to balance those products between my fingers, while holding (the quite heavy) camera in the other trying to take a good picture and not dropping the products into the pool. I am so glad i didn't, because i had no intentions on diving into the pool to get the products out. The weather is hot and the amount of makeup on my face is low. Eyemakeup is only happening on special events in the evening.

As you may have already read in the review i did for this foundation. I love it for the hot summer days. It is light on the skin and in coverage, gives a dewy finish and in my eyes just the perfect summer foundation.

I just saw that i already mentioned this concealer in last month's favorites. Oops. It is still my favorite concealer at the moment, although i need more coverage for my immense dark circles. For blemishes and less blue dark circles this is the perfect product. Nice coverage, longwearing and nearly no creasing under the eyes.

I'm all for the flawless skin finish lately and nearly hit my nose on the mirror while looking for dry patches, cakey foundation or pores. The face mist/ setting spray is supposed to make things look more flawless and skinlike. And it seems that it does. For a drugstore version definitely worth a try. Also really nice for refreshing your face and reviving your makeup.

My full on rave about creamblushes here, but this one in particular is a beaut. The colour in the tin is quite terrifying but the finish on my cheeks is so nice. Fresh and it looks so natural like i just had a slight jog around the house. Love it.

My recent go to lipproduct for going out or evenings, where i know that there won't be much time for makeup touchups. It lasts on your lips for ages. The colour is a mauve-pink colour and looks very pretty on the lips. Matte finish, which is perfect for long evenings/nights and eating/drinking in between.


Mai Lookback

This month i attended my first ever Rodeo. I was always fond of all the Cowgirl/Cowboy stuff, because i grew up around horses. The first time in a westernsaddle on a western horse has still to come. But now that's not all, now i feel the need to swing myself on a horse and participate in a Rodeo as a Barrel Racer...

It's getting hot out here. No need for those long pants anymore. I prefer skirts and dresses over shorts, because there are just more comfortable. One problem i face is the fact, that they most of the time don't have pockets. I am not carrying a purse most of the time, so where should i put keys, sunglasses cash? So skirts or dresses with pockets come in handy and i am only taking them off for a quick swim in the pool.

I didn't want to start watching another show, because i was already watching six or seven and it was hard to keep up. Hart of Dixie and Glee ended and Vampire Diaries, Reign and The Originals season finale is over and Pretty Little Liars doesn't return until June 2nd. So i had time to start watching a new show and i choose Suits. I have to admit...i am obsessed i barely do something else than watching episodes of Suits when i'm on my computer. And seriously Rachel's outfits are just on point. seriously. flawless.

Everybody loves Jo Malone and that probably for a good reason. The first time i heard one of the many bloggers raving about it, the description and name of the scent spoke to me. I'm a little more grown up since my last perfume purchase and i know now, that i don't like floral or heavy oriental scent and i am more the fresh scent kind of person.

I think i found Taylor Buono's as an artist over the suggested videos for you on YouTube. I instantly feel in love with her song "What if it was". Strangely i can relate to the fact of the fear, that you maybe missed something because you should it wasn't meant to be or it wasn't the right thing to do, but what if it was? I really want to watch Pitch Perfect 2, but didn't came along to do it yet, so i rewatched Pitch Perfect 1 instead. My love for Anna Kendrick and the Pitch Perfect Soundtrack awoke again...

What was your highlight of the month?


THE Foundation for Summer

With summer beginning and the temperatures constantly rising i wanted something with a light coverage and no heavy feeling on my skin, but no BB Cream. The Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation was on my to try list for a long time and this was the right time to give it a go.

It has a light to medium coverage and feels light on my skin, so it's nice for the summer, because you don't have the feeling that all the sweat is stuck beneath your foundation. Gross. The finish is after a bit of blending skin like and sinks nicely into the skin. It has a dewy finish and gives your skin a healthy glow. It makes your skin look nearly naked just better. See what i did there? Haha.

Two things that aren't perfect about the foundation, but easy to get over are first of all that the longevity isn't the best. To be honest i don't expect a really longwearing time when it is a light coverage foundation, because my skin eats up foundation like nothing else. The foundation can cling and enhance dry patches, but if you use a moisturizer beneath that problem is solved immediatly. 

All in all i really like the Nearly Naked Foundation from Revlon, because it's a nice alternative for BB/CC Creams with a bit more coverage and foundation finish for the summer. The skinlike dewy finish is perfect for the summerdays, because i don't want to look like i wear a lot of makeup and a matte finish is in my eyes more something for the winter months. With a rich moisturizer underneath it is the perfect foundation for the summer months.

What is your favorite foundation for the summer months?


A hairmask i sleep in

The sun that is shining nearly nonstop and the chlor in the pool do some damage to my hair and make it feel dry and look frizzy in the ends. So i went and purchased a hairmask. 

The L'oreal Total Repair 5 Replenishing Mask was my pick and it is not only good for in the shower to make your hair feel smooth again and tame the frizz. 
My favorite thing to do with it is to put a good amount of it into my ends and lengths, massage it in, put my hair into a loose bun and go to bed. It does wonders overnight. 
Wash your hair like you always do in the morning and you are left with smooth, shiny, not frizzy, healthy looking hair. 
My hair hasn't looked that good in months and i don't want to part with this mask anymore.

What is your favorite hairmask and do you like to put it in overnight?


Places i want to visit this year

The "Canadian Hollywood" with the beautiful skyline is a must on my to see in Canada list. Some shopping especially in Victoria's Secret and sightseeing. On top of my list is the Vancouver Lookout and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Other stops are the Queen Elizabeth Park and the Lion's Gate Bridge, maybe i will be able to visit the Vancouver Aquarium, too.

Not as far as Vancouver from the place i live (only 2 hours) so an easy place to go. A trip to Sephora is number one on my list. Two other points in terms of sightseeing are the Kelowna Mountain Bridges & Vineyards, the view must be incredible! The Kangoroo Park is point two, i've always wanted to see Kangoroos in reallife, so it would be really cool to be able to go there.

I already saw the airport of Calgary (which isn't that special), but i would like to see the city too, although it's a five/six hour drive. Three sightseeing must visits for me are the Calgary Tower, the Glenbow Museum and the Stephen Avenue walk. I recently attended my first Rodeo and it would be amazing to be able to see the Calgary Stampede Rodeo in July. We'll see about that.

For a second time. I just love London as a city and the people and the beauty isles (Charlotte Tilbury will be purchased on my next trip). And it's easy to go there from Germany a flight with Ryanair is if i'm lucky maybe 20 Euros and for a one day trip that's perfect. Also i may go and see Madame Tussauds, the Buckingham Palace maybe in sunshine, some restaurants and markets like Portobello & Co. If i extend the trip to a two day trip, i'll go and visit the Universal Studios to see the Hogwards exhibition.

Any recommandations for any of those cities? Insider Tips or Must see places?


An ode to creamblush

Recently i purchased my first ever creamblush. Yes, i am so late to the party that everyone else is already leaving again... But better late than never. Right? Because now i discovered the advantages of creamblush and understand why everybody likes them so much.

A longlasting formula, which is perfect for hot summer days and long working days to make sure, that your blush stays on your face as long as possible. But that's not the best thing about creamblush.

It's the finsih. Recently i am struggeling with skinlike not visible foundation/concealer application and hiding my pores. The discovery of creamblush is a good addition to my stash for this cause. Once applied you can't see it on your skin. It's like an invisible wash of colour on your cheeks, that makes you look like you had a slight jog. Love it.

I always feared creamblush in terms of application. How to blend it probably so you don't end up with a chunk of colour on one place? How to not end up overblushing, because the colour in the tin looks terrifying.

I should stop raving about creamblushes, because everybody else probably already knows. There are a lot of different productbrands, priceranges and formulas, so sometimes it's a hit and miss. I will keep adding products to my creamblush stash, so i would love to read about some of your recommandations.


what is it about the chunks of glitter?

I seem to stumble over products that are supposed to put a nice shimmer or glow on your face or lips. but in the moment i swatch them or use them i am always shocked by the amount and size of glitter in them.
The blush that is supposed to combine a blush and a highlighter to a dewy/glowy looking touch of colour on your cheeks. But there is no "slight" shimmer in it, there are big chunks of glitter in it, like those you sprinkeld all over your glue covered paper when you were three. In the winter it's maybe not that bad and noticable, but in the summer when the light hits your cheeks you look like a discoball. Who wants that? I mean i don't want to offend anyone, but i can't understand how that looks good on anyone.
And that's not even the worst. The worst kind of product with big glitter chunks in it are lipproducts. Lipglosses, Lipsticks or Lipbalms. First of all the discoball factor isn't appreciated on the lips either. Most of the time the colour fades, but the glitter stays and then you look like you just put glitter on your lips. Ugh. Another thing i hate about this glitter is the feeling on my lips, it feels like i have exfoliating granules on my lips.
I don't know why the people who invent and plan beauty products don't make them shimmer slightly instead of just putting glitter in it.

Do you like those glitter products or are you put off by them like i am?


Empties #1

Only fellow beauty bloggers will now the little bag in the bathroom, where you hoard all of the products you used up. And the strange looks from family, boyfriend or others you get because of this slowy growing collection and then the amount of products in the garbage at once. My little bag is overflowing so it's time for the very first empties post.


Catrice Camouflage Cream (GER) - YAY!
My holy grail concealer for my humongous undereye circles. This isn't too drying for the undereye area although it's a thick cream formula with high coverage. I love it and i don't know how to survive the next month without this baby.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector - YAY!
Another holy grail product of mine. And already repurchased. Moisturizes, corrects any uneven skintone, gives you a healthy glow and just makes you look more awake and alive. More detailed review here.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer Eye - YAY
A nice not drying undereye concealer with medium to light coverage. Perfect if you don't want or need a lot of coverage and also nice for highlighting the undereye area. The sponge applicator maybe not the most hygienic one, but genuis nontheless. On my repurchase list.


L'oreal Hydra Active 3/Sublime Soft Micellar Water - YAY!
First and favorite micellar water so far. A dupe for Bioderma's Sensibio H2O. Already repurchased and already nearly through. Perfect for removing makeup, especially eyemakup and mascara. I can't live without it.


FA vitalize & power grapefruit showergel - MEH

Nice scent and a quite funny gel texture. Not necessarily moisturzing or anything special. So not yay but not nay either.

Nivea waterlily & oil shower gel - MEH
The scent wasn't that special. The oil pearls in there were a little change and the skin did feel a bit softer and moisturized after the shower, but that didn't hold for long. So nothing super special.

The Body Shop vineyard peach cream body scrub - YAY
I love the body shop body scrubs, because i actually have the feeling that they do something instead of some shower peelings you can buy. Perfect for in the shower and makes soft skin and helps against the ingrown hair you might struggle with.


herbal essence clearly naked shampoo - YAY
Loved this shampoo, first of all no silicones are in it and it smeels delightfull. Fresh kind of citrus scent and i cleanses really good. My hair felt so clean and soft after using it. Probably going to repurchase it at some point.

L'oreal elvital volume-collagen shampoo - NAY
This one i have to admit i didn't even finsihed completly, but i was just sick of it. It didn't cleansed my hair enough, it didn't had a particular good smell and i think it caused dandruffs on my scalp. Furthermore there was no sign that it actually did give me more volume or anything.

Swiss O Par deep cleansing shampoo (GER) - YAY
Once in a while i have the feeling my hair needs a deep cleansing. The Swiss O Par Shampoo does the job well and i can leave my hair without using a conditioner and it's not too frizzy or dry. The smell is also a really nice fresh lemon scent . Love it.

herbal essence camomille conditioner (retro collection) - NAY
Not a bad conditioner, but also not the greatest one. It made my hair feel soft in the shower, but didn't nourished, moisturized or made it anymore shiny than usual. So for me that's a no.

Did you used any products up recently and how did you like them?


Little drugstore Haul

If you read my April Favorites you know, that i didn't entered a drugstore in like ages. I did feel a strong urge to go and purchase some bibs and bobs to try out new things. So i did and here are the things i bought.

For the summertime i wanted something with more coverage than a BB Cream, but not so much coverage as the foundations i own. So i was looking for a light coverage foundation, which feels light on the skin and isn't too drying. The Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation seemed like the right choice for me. I picked it up in the colour 03 Shell, which is a bit too light for me, cause my tan is like...dark.
Another thing from Revlon and for the summertime is the Revlon Cremeblush in 300 Coral Reef. I never tried cremeblush before...i know, what a shame. So i thought i'll try it. Last item from Revlon is the Colorburst Laquer Balm in 110 Coquette, which is a unusual colour for me (normally i don't buy pinks). One thing i am already put off by is the chunks of glitter in it. You only see them when it's applied on your lips, but it doesn't look good.
My hair is getting a bit dry at the ends and the sun (which is shining like crazy) does the rest. So i picked up the L'oreal Hair Expertise Total Repair 5 Hairmask. We'll see how i like it.
Next and the last purchased item is the Nivea Smooth Replenishing Bodylotion, cause my skin is getting hell a lot dry after bathing in the sun the whole day.
You'll probably read further about these products this months, so stay tuned for that.


Top 10 Beauty Blogger/YouTuber

Me starting a Beauty Blog didn't came from anywhere. It came from my obsession with Beauty Blogs and YouTube Channels, so here are my top ten i always look forward to read and watch.

Estée doesn't only make laid back relaxed and easy to listen to Beauty Videos, but also really amazing lifestyle videos. The monthly #ButtonsBookShelve is a bookclub i already joined a few times and it's a lot of fun. Or the what's in my Grandma's handbag video is one that's on my to watch list. And i just love to listen to Estées voice.

Amelia is in terms of contouring or face makeup in general a pro. Just watch one of her makeup tutorials and you'll know what i mean. She is responsible for my desire to buy Charlotte Tilbury products and is in general someone i trust in terms of Highend product recommendations and reviews. FYI she made me like vlogs, i never did and then i watched one of her vlogs and since then i kinda like them.

Her and Anna's Beauty Chat videos are awesome! I love them! And i do hope that they do the Beauty Chat LIve on Tour again, so i can go and join! Hear me? Please, please do it again! Really nice channel and blog and a good source for London insider tips. Restaurants and Co i will visit the next time i'm in London.

Probably my Blogger Girl Crush. She's so nice and down to earth and funny. And her videos or blogposts are seriously some of the best i read/watch. Just check her out. NOW!

The one and only on the Canada Blogger/Youtuber front. She is incredibly beautiful i like her funny weirdo character and sometimes i just shake my head when i watch her. She's a bit crazy. The majority of the featured products are highend, but that doesn't bother me at all. And her tutorials are on point. Seriously i wish i would be that good with my makeup application.

The only US based Youtuber/Blogger i follow. Surprising for me. I just love her vids and posts. The Spring Cleaning series she recently did, got me into the cleaning drill, where i felt the urgent desire to go through my wardrobe and beauty stash and reorganize everything. If you have any US Beauty Blogger/Youtuber recommendations, pop them below.

Sweet girl with gorgeous hair (inspiration for my next colouring session) and a super cute little dog! I jump everytime i see her in one of her videos. If you need help getting your eyeliner game on point this is the place to go, Suzie's eyeliner is just perfect, like always.

Very cute and another Blogger/Youtuber that is living in the UK. I don't know why i follow so many UK Bloggers... Her calm voice makes me feel relaxed instantly, i love her style (already wrote "love" too many times in this post) and her videos and posts are on point. Do i have to say more? No, just go check her out.

Those two are just...my favorite german YouTubers. Bold statement i know. If you understand german, than just watch them and you'll love them. Especially their 1 Look | 2 Faces are so cool and i have never seen something similiar. They use the same products, but they have completely different skin tones (light and light to medium) and hair colours (blonde and dark brown).

 If you want to step up your skincare game and educate yourself about skincare ingredients and for which ones you should look in products and which ones you should avoid. Check out here more recent videos. In general she's a good source for highend product recommendations and reviews. 

What are your favorite Beauty Bloggers/Youtubers? Do you read or watch any of the above?


Beauty Sins i commit

Let's be honest. We all commit some sins once in a while and beauty sins aren't an exception. And i am no exception from it. I know that i shouldn't do the following things, but sometimes i just can't help it. I saw this post idea orginally at A girl and a Beauty Blog and immidiately felt addressed and like you will see i commit some of her sins too. And what about you? Are you guilty of some of the following sins?

- not washing my brushes everytime after using them. I finally came around to do it once a week after argumenting with myself for ten minutes if i should do it now or if i can wait another day...or week.

- not removing makeup before going to bed. I know, i know, veeery bad for your skin. I know it, but sometimes i am already nicely snuggeld up in my bed and it's so nice and cozy. But it only happens very rarely, i promise!

- not using moisturizer in the morning. Sleeping until the very moment i really really have to stand up, because otherwise i would be late. And then i am in such a rush, that i don't have the time for the extra step in the morning.

- skipping SPF. This one is quite a dangerous one if you think about it. We don't get that much sunshine in Germany and i just want this nice tanned glowy skin so bad. As long as i don't get a sunburn, everything is alright. In my head. I definitely should work on using more SPF.

- touching my face and my hair. A lot, a lot, a lot...

- keeping beauty products longer than i should. As long as it doesn't smell or look weird or it didn't changed texture, i keep it.

- not getting haircuts as often as i should. It's not every three months, it's maybe once a year. And the rest of the year i cut it myself...with nail scissors. Hereby i promise to go twice a year to the hairdresser.


Types of brushes you need to have

While thinking about what i should bring family and friends at home in germany as a gift from canada i thought about buying some brushes for my mom. I am always kind of annoyed, that she uses "cheap" brushes, which aren't good quality and soft at all and that she doesn't bother to wash them. So i thought about what kind of brushes you need to achieve any look you want to do. Like the basic kind of brushes you need to have. 

I love these type of brushes for blush because it blends in the blush while applying and you get the right amount of colour onto your cheeks right away. Or i use it for bronzer, it adds a slight colour to your face and it's a quick sweep under your cheekbones, over your tempels and down your neck. You can also use it for powder to set your foundation if you want. There is the Real Techniques Blush Brush or the Zoeva 101 Luxe Face Definer.

This one is good for contouring, because it fits nicely under your cheekbones or for applying highlighter. It isn't too big so you can apply the product precisely. Still it isn't too small so you end up with a bulk of product on one spot. I love this Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight.

A flat eyeshadow brush to pack on eyeshadow onto your lid. You can use any brush brand, but the Mac 252 is nice.

Essential for achieving a nice eye look. There is the original Mac 217 or the more budget version that i have the Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer. You can blend eyeshadow with this brush or apply an eyeshadow into your crease without the need to blend it afterwards. Honestly i could even live only with this brush for the rest of my life to apply eyemakeup if i had to.

For buffing in undereye concealer or concealer applied on blemishes. I have to admit, that the Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer isn't my favorite for this job. The Real Techniques Setting Brush is loved by Lily Pebbles for blending undereye concealer so i might give this one a go.

My favorite way for applying foundation in combination with a makeup sponge (read more about that here). Just apply the foundation in circular motions all over your face and your foundation is nicely blended in. The Real Techniques Buffing Brush was the first buffing brush on the market and a high end option would be the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Brush. I use the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush.

This one is optional but it's essential for creating a winged eyeliner without an eyelinerpen. And you can use it for filling in your eyebrows too. I think every brush brand has a winged brush or you can look for a nice option in the drugstore (mine is from the drugstore).

P.S. Sorry for the unwashed brushes i had to take the photo quickly.


April Lookback

PRODUCT TO ADD TO THE WISHLIST - Those new released Pop Lip Colour + Primer lipsticks from Clinique are smiling at me since i saw them for the first time in a newsletter. They are primer and colour in one and they have a velvet finish. Plus they are supposed to moisturise your lips for 8 hours. Definitely sounds good and everybody in the beauty world seems to like them. "Plum Pop" and "Beige Pop" are on my wishlist and may be purchased soon.

BLOGPOST TO READ & VIDEO TO WATCH - This month there isn't only a blogpost or a video to watch, there is both. And those address a very important issue in our society and a problem a lot of girls and women struggle with. The pressure of having the "perfect body" and being fat. I think as long as you are happy with your body and you don't have any health issues you can look however you want to look. And nobody should have the right to tell you that you are ugly or fat or whatever, because everybody is beautiful in his/her own way. Watch this video and read this post and share it with everyone, please.

FASHION ITEM TO WEAR - A red and white striped Ralph Lauren Long sleeve shirt. Simple, nothing special, but i really like the look of it and it's and easy through over and you look dressed. I could find the exact one i have, but in different colors (though i would want those colors too) here.

SONG TO HEAR - While listening to the Canada Top 50 on Spotify the song "Honey, I'm Good" from Andy Grammar came up. I heard it before somewhere and really liked it, but didn't knew the name and was therefore not able to find it. So i was pleased when it came up and i can't stop listening to it eversince. It has some kind of a different touch to it, i want to say it's country...but i don't think it is. I just can imagine people dancing country line dance on this, in western outfits.

NEW REALEASE TO BOOKMARK - The Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Colour Quad looks so gorgeous...WANT! It was there before in August/September 2014 and is added to the permanent line in May so if you didn't get it before or if you feel in love with it just yet (like i did) than bookmark it in your calender.


April Favorites

It is getting really warm (25-30 degrees) here and i got quite the tan already. Beauty wise there isn't much i use at the moment, because i'm either too lazy or i'm using the products i already mentioned. I haven't bought beauty products for the last two or three months. Holy...that's quite a time. And yes i do feel the urge to run into a drugstore at the moment.

This one again. I have the feeling my favorites keep repeating themselves. I have the phase again, where i rather lay the ten minutes longer in bed than bothering with my makeup. Just slap it on to correct any uneven skincolour add some concealer and mascara done. Boring i know.

I had this for half a year now and never used it before. Yep, i have to much makeup stuff i know. So one day i saw it and used it and now i love it. When everyone is going for a bright lipstick or glossy formulas i am going for the dark colours and matte formulas...I am just weird. I just love the look of it and it doesn't fade awkwardly or anything and with a bit of gloss in the center of the lips it gives the lips a really nice look. 

Now since i've got a bit of a tan on my face i can use this concealer without it looking weird. I was searching for a concealer with high coverage, because my holy grail concealer i normally use is more or less empty and i can only get it in germany.  It has a high coverage, isn't drying under the eyes. And it holds a good amount of time and doesn't crease. On top i like to use a bit of the maybelline instant age eraser.

I used up all my other shampoos and conditioners (there will be a empties post soon) and finally allowed myself to buy new ones. The Oxygen Moisture series from Dove is supposed to moisturise your hair without weighing it down and makes it so more voluminous. My hair is fine and straight and tends to lay really flat on my head throughout the day. The oxygen moisture shampoo cleanses my scalp and hair good without being harsh and the conditioner moisturises my ends nicely without weighing them down. If your ends are really dry, you should use a hairoil or hairmask afterwards, because the conditioner doesn't nourishes your hair a lot.

What were your favorites this month?


The threesome that saved my skin

In my younger teenage years (not that i'm that old already with eighteen) i never really paid attention to skincare. And at the beginning of the year my skin wasn't in a good condition. I don't know if it was the colder weather in Canada or my skincare routine or the lack of one, but my skin was looking dull and dehydrated. I freaked a bit out when i saw some lines on my forehead and cried in my head, that i lost my nice young skin with the age of eighteen. Drama aside, i got into skincare. Read and watched a lot about skincare and bought quite a few products. And i sticked to my skincare routine everyday, every single day. I didn't skip a day, ever. And it saved my skin. My skin looks better than ever before and it made me realize that i should never skip skincare routines ever again (some evenings i do though, shame on me).

You will probably know the three products i will mention now, but i just have to mention them again. Sorry for that.
The serum that gives you an instantly umph of hydration is the Body Shop Vitamin-E Moisture Serum. At first i only used it in the morning under my moisturiser, but now i also use it in the evening. After cleansing my face i slap a pump all over my face. It is quite cooling on your skin and it calms my skin a bit down. It is supposed to help the moisture get deeper into your skin (if that's even possible...) and lock it into your skin. One thing i know is that it helps to moisturise my skin and keep it that way longer.
Next step i only use in the evening (for now) is the Body Shop Vitamin-E Overnight Serum-in-Oil. I use 6-8 drops of it and sweep it all over my skin. It is more of a oil formula, but isn't too heavy on the skin. You can use it under your moisturiser like i do or you can mix it with your moisturiser and apply it then. It's not heavy at all and sinks into the skin quite quick and it nourishes the skin so good and makes it all look healthy and glowy. Love it!
Last but not least my favorite moisturiser the Clinique Moisture Surge (full review here). It is more a gel than a cream and it goes on so smooth, it sinks in within minutes. It feels light on the skin and my skin drinks it up like nothing else. Some evenings i apply a light layer and sometimes i apply a thicker layer and let it sink in over night. I have to buy a new pot of this soon, because i am more than halfway through my first one.

Those three together completely changed my skin. It looks so healthy and plump and glowy, i can't believe it when i look into the mirror. My skin never ever looked that good before and i won't part with those before something even better comes my way. If you need the ultimate hydration kick and want your skin to look healthier than i definitely recommend those three products.

Do you have any favorite skincare products?


Topics you will read about here from now on

There were quite a few changes with dots in gold this month and there will be a few more next month. I thought about what i want to do with my blog, where i want to go and what i want to blog about. There are a lot of topics i am interested in, but i couldn't decide which ones i want to write about the most. Some of the topics that i thought would work didn't and some i craved for writing about.

No worries, Beauty will always be the main theme of dots in gold, but the changes will affect the other sub themes i will write about in the future.
The second main theme on this blog will be Travel. There won't be a schedule how often i post about travel, but there will be a few posts here and there, when i have something to write about. I am definitely excited for that, because i love to travel and see the world and i also love to read blopgposts about what to do there, what to eat and also tips on where to stay etc..
Fitness and Books won't be included at all or if than just because i really want to share something with you, so there won't be a monthly fitness post or the read books category (i only did one post anyway haha) anymore.
Fashion bibs and bobs will be included at some point, not sure when though, but it won't be a big focus. There probably won't be any Outfit posts, rather the lifestyle like posts (Hauls, seasonal wardrobe staples, etc.). So stay tuned for that.
Another theme that won't be a major one, but a regular one will be Food. I love Food (especially baking) and i love to make it. Baking recipes, Vegetarian dishes and some healthy food ideas will be featured here and there.

I hope you are as excited about the changes and are not to sad that the Fitness and Book category will be more or less gone from dots in gold.
If you have any post recommandations let me know please!


Dewy makeup look

It's spring time and that means that the products to achieve a dewy makeup look are coming out of the drawer again and get slapped on my face. 

To correct any uneven skincolour and to give my skin a bit of radiance and glow i apply the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector. This also moisturises your skin a bit. Then i mix the Body Shop Radiant Highlighter with the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation on the back of my hand and apply it with a buffing brush on my face. Then i draw a triangle under each eye with the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser and blend the concealer in with a makeup sponge. To achieve the skin like finish i go with the damp makeup sponge in dabbing motions all over my face to blend in the foundation seamlessly. You can use some bronzer to warm up your face or for contour if you like.
Now when the base is done i go in with a blush. A coraly shimmery option would be the Milani Baked Blush in 02 Rose D'Oro. A bit of fresh colour for your cheeks to make you look more awake. 
Last but not least the Revlon Lipbutter in Peach Parfait. Now you can do any eyelook you want or just apply your favorite mascara and your good to go.

Do you like the dewy makeup look? Or what look do you go for in the spring?


your lips but better lipsticks

What would the world of beautyproducts be without the your-lips-but-better coloured lipsticks? A quick sweep over the lips and your lips look better than before without having to check on the colour and the fear of the awkward faded lipstick. It's just so easy and that's the reason why i love them. I have a lot of your-lips-but-better coloured lipsticks and today i will show you my top 3.

This is the first colour i bought of the Maybelline Color Elixirs (725 Caramel Infused) and it won't the last one. A creamy gloss, that feels nice and smooth on the lips and has a colour pigmentation i never expected to be there. It's a gloss right... Doesn't dry out your lips at all and leaves a slight tint on the lips after the gloss wore off. For a gloss it's quite longlasting and this is probably my favorite of the three.

The Milani lipstick in 25 naturally chic is the matte one of the three. It can be a bit drying on your lips, so i moisturise my lips before to work against this a bit. Because it's a matte formula it is longlasting and it has a good pigmentation. One thing that puts me off though is the smeel. It smeels like a candystore, but in a too sweet too unnatural way. The smell fades after a few minutes otherwise i couldn't wear this lipstick...

You may have seen me rave about those lipsticks here. The colour 07 natural beauty is the perfect your-lips-but-better colour and the first one i owned. So this lipstick is responsible for the whole obsession. Creamy formula, not at all drying on the lips and longlasting, what is there more to say? And it's a bargain. So go and buy it (:D).

What is your favorite your-lips-but-better lipstick?


current most braided hairstyles

I don't know what it is with braids an summer weather. They just match perfectly. The last few weeks were warmer and sunnier then i am used to in march/april. I think of you peeps in the rainy cloudy Germany! So i was tired of the good old ponytail, messy bun or open hair so i tried a few braided hairstyles.

Still a ponytail, but a bit different then the normal old one. Just through your hair up into a ponytail, braid it, loosen it up a bit and secure it with a clear elastic. Done. It is still the loved ponytail, but it looks like you but a bit more effort into it.

I don't remember the last time i wore two braids. Maybe with twelve? Maybe even younger? But instead of the normal three-strand braid you do a fishtail braid. It doesn't look like the schoolgirl coming from school (or the Britney Spierce touch...). It is a bit more grown up, but i feel like the twelve year old me again with those two braids. Just part your hair into two parts and braid each part into a fishtail braid. Secure it with a elastic and i like to pull the strand a bit out, to make the braids look more volumnious.

I copied this look from Fleur de Force's "Braided Hairstyles" Video and i just love it. You braid a fishtail braid and then a dutch braid on the side of your head to your ear. Then you have the hair out of your face (or the ot behaving fringe covered), but your hair isn't pulled up completely.

I do love a good waterfall braid. Hair out of the face, but still loose hair. Easy and it only takes a few minutes. This is a hairstyle i am mostly going for, when my fringe isn't behaving like it should or the hair in my face is annoying me too much.