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 I don't even know how in the world i was able to balance those products between my fingers, while holding (the quite heavy) camera in the other trying to take a good picture and not dropping the products into the pool. I am so glad i didn't, because i had no intentions on diving into the pool to get the products out. The weather is hot and the amount of makeup on my face is low. Eyemakeup is only happening on special events in the evening.

As you may have already read in the review i did for this foundation. I love it for the hot summer days. It is light on the skin and in coverage, gives a dewy finish and in my eyes just the perfect summer foundation.

I just saw that i already mentioned this concealer in last month's favorites. Oops. It is still my favorite concealer at the moment, although i need more coverage for my immense dark circles. For blemishes and less blue dark circles this is the perfect product. Nice coverage, longwearing and nearly no creasing under the eyes.

I'm all for the flawless skin finish lately and nearly hit my nose on the mirror while looking for dry patches, cakey foundation or pores. The face mist/ setting spray is supposed to make things look more flawless and skinlike. And it seems that it does. For a drugstore version definitely worth a try. Also really nice for refreshing your face and reviving your makeup.

My full on rave about creamblushes here, but this one in particular is a beaut. The colour in the tin is quite terrifying but the finish on my cheeks is so nice. Fresh and it looks so natural like i just had a slight jog around the house. Love it.

My recent go to lipproduct for going out or evenings, where i know that there won't be much time for makeup touchups. It lasts on your lips for ages. The colour is a mauve-pink colour and looks very pretty on the lips. Matte finish, which is perfect for long evenings/nights and eating/drinking in between.

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