Beach Day Essentials

Beach Days are my favorites. Relaxing on the beach, jump from time to time into the water, have an icecream or two and get that tan going. Who doesn't love a good Beach Day? I would love to live at the beach at some point in my life, because it must be so nice to open the back door and be on the beach.

First things first bikini, towel, sunglasses, flip flops are things you shouldn't forget, when going to the beach.
For me the probably most important thing to pack, despite the basic things mentioned above, is a good book or magazine. I like reading books all year around, but there is something special about reading a book in the sun. I don't know. I finished "All the light we cannot see" by Anthony Doerr yesterday on the beach and i will probably start with the third book of the Immortal Instruments series today or tomorrow. If you want to know more about the books i read and how i like them, check out my Goodreads profile here.
Beauty product wise i recommend first of all sunscreen. I don't have a particular favorite kind of sunscreen, i just use whatever i have at the moment. Next thing would be a Bodymist. I discovered bodymists for me last summer and it is a nice way to refresh yourself. I just mist all the parts of my body that aren't covered in clothes and i instantly feel less hot. It cools you down quick and you smeel nicely afterwards. The Victoria's Secret or Body Shop Body mists are my favorite ones.
Next thing is a spray conditioner for my hair. The water and the sun and the drying in the sun, isn't good for my hair. To get it smooth and not a tangeld mess on my head i use the Gliss Kur Hair Repair Express Repair Conditioner on wet hair. Afterwards it is easily to brush through and it looks a lot nicer. That's another essential for me, a hairbrush.
All of it packed into my beachbag and i am ready to go for a nice sunny day on the beach. 

What are your beach day essentials?

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