Top 5 Fashion Blogger/YouTuber

I'm very picky when it comes to fashion bloggers even pickier than with beauty bloggers or YouTubers. I don't know, the style of the blogger has to speak to me in a way, that i can see myself in that kind of outfit. And i don't like just one style like preppy. I like different styles. You will see what i mean, when you visit the ladys mentioned below on their blogs. The thing is that i don't like every single outfit they post, more like every third. Because i like the mix of different styles...Hard to explain, just have a look.

A newly New York based Beauty/Fashion Youtuber. She did more beauty focused videos a few years ago, but the reason i love her channel are her fashion videos. Especially the Get the Look for Less videos for different celebrities are the bomb.com. Seriously love her style. I have to go through all her fashion vids again and make screenshots of the outfits so i can pin them on my Pinterest fashion inspiration board.

German fashion blogger girl. First ever fashion blogger i followed. Supercute. And her Outfits are feminine, girly, but still elegant. Some of them are ultimate favorites of mine. And her How to Style Series is so inspirational and makes me step out of my comfortzone from time to time.

I came to Kat's blog over Instagram. Her outfits are so elegant. I would like my style to go more in the elegant, effortless, grown up, simple way.  Seriously you have to check her out. Definite style crush and want feeling overload.

The more edgy, "hipster" blogger of the bunch. Some of her outfits really make me want to buy all the things she wore and probably look not like me anymore, but i like a edgy piece in my wardrobe here and there. 

This is the preppy, elegant blogger i like. I know quite the mix here. She doesn't only posts beautiful wearable outfits, there are also some DIY Fashion tutorials here and there and hers are looking so good and are most of the time really easy to do. So thumbs up for that. Her style is btw just effortless ang wow.

Who is your favorite Fashion Blogger/Youtuber?

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