Take out the Glitter, it's Christmas time

When it comes to the festive time of the year i am all for the glitter nailpolishes. Sometimes i am also wearing them for normal everyday occasions, but this time of the year nobody will look at you like you're a bit crazy.

The new essie christmas limited edition caught my eye, when i was walking throw the drugstore and it was hard not to get every shade they had. So i went for this little pretty one.

These are medium sized glitters in a bronzy gold. I don't like silver glitter so much and gold can look sometimes a little bit too much, so this was the right shade of glitter.
I like to use the Loreal Colour Exclusive nailpolish in "Blake's red", which is a nice dark berry shade underneath. You can put one layer of glitter on top of your nailpolish, just do the one-nail-thing or create an ombre glitter effect (honestly that's my favorite way).

If you are looking for a nice glitter shade or you have any other reason to buy this nailpolish (not that you need one), go buy it.


November Favorites

In my life was recently so much excitment and new things going on, that November just flew by. I mean it's crazy...Christmas is in nearly a week and i am over a month now a Candiangirl. Crazy huh?
Although i am celebrating the no makeup makeup-look now a days, i have a few bits and pieces to show you.

Honeycomb Bronzer / The Body Shop
Nearly everyone in the Beauty World raved about this one, but i understand the excitment. It is a very light bronzer, perfect for lighter skins or for everyone who wants just a slight touch of colour like me. There are a few different shades available so you should be able to find the perfect shade for your skintone. I am using it costantly since i bought it a few month ago and there is nearly nothing gone, which is incredible.

Naturally Yours Palette / Zoeva
This palette has some really nice and unique autumnal bronzy shades. All neutrals of course. It has five matte and five shimmery shades in there and the pigmentation is just so nice. The cardboard package looks very pretty and i just fell in love with the palette right away. Zoeva has become one of my favorite brands. Did i mentioned their brushes yet? No, we will go there in a minute.

Maybelline Colour Elixir / 725 Caramel Infused
Oh my gosh. Amazing. That's the only aprobiate word for this lipstick/lipstain/lipgloss. The consistency is so creamy and light and just nice on the lips. Like you have put on a lipbalm. The colour range is incredible, they have nearly any colour you could think of from orange over pink and red to nice neutral shades. The pigmentation especially of the bright coloured ones is so good that you wouldn't think it is a lipgloss. Amazing.

Tangle Teezer / ebelin Entwirrk├╝nstler
She folks of you who live in Germany can get excited about this one. We (counting myself to the Germans now) have a pretty amazing Dupe for the Tangle Teezer at the drugstore. It is (attention, german words are coming) the "Entwirrk├╝nstler" von ebelin. Yes, it does look like a little insect, but it does a great job at detangeling and smoothing your hair and it is also great for brushing wet hair. If you are not living in Germany you can just pick up the Original, the Tangle Teezer, and have the same amazing results.

Miracle Skin Perfector / Garnier
Ok, guys. Hands down. This is the best product i tried in a long time. I spotted it at amelia's blog (if you don't know her, go check her out) and just went out to buy it immediatly. This Cream makes such a big difference, it transformes my dull and tired looking skin into a nice, fresh, awake and glowing goddess of skin. It is good skin in a bottle. I posted a review, if you want to see the incredible difference it makes.

Makeup Brushes / Zoeva
Another thing from Zoeva. I told you that we will go here.Zoeva brushes are high quality with very human prices. Zoeva is a german brand, who is known for their great brushes and they are great. These brushes are longlasting, so you don't have to worry about them falling apart or loosing hair after washing them a few times. The hairs are so soft and they don't suck up the product and they have nearly every brush shape you could wish for. If you want to know more about the brushes, go check my review out.

2000 Calorie Mascara / Max Factor
Full and voluminous, but not over the top lashes, hello.  Do i have to say more? No? Ok.

Washi Taped Laptop
I found this idea on Pinterest (see inspiration here) and finally found a usefull purpose for the tons of washitapes i own. I really like the design i taped on my laptop. The only thing i don't like is that the ends of the washitape stripes tend to loosen up and make the whole thing look ugly and disgusting. What i did to prevent this, was taking some clear tape and putting it over the edges. So far i am in. love. Another awesome thing about this method is, when you are bored of your design you can just take it off and create a new one.

I am now for over a month in Canada and there are nine more to come. So i am excited. Everything is new and unknown and just so nice. And yes, i am freezing all. the. time. Canada's winters are cold, really cold. At least i am sure, that there will be white christmas (yey!). I will keep you uptaded how Canada is working for me.

* Shut Up and Dance / Walk the Moon
* Me And My Broken Heart / Rixton
* Keine Rosen / Teesy
*Uptown Funk / Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars


Skin Transformation in a Minute? Yes, Please.

Do you also scare yourself in the mirror after crawling out of bed in the morning? And you just have no idea how you should look nearly awake and healthy without putting your whole make up on your face? I know what i am talking about, but finally i found a solution.

I discovered the Miracle Skin Perfector by Garnier and was blown away by it's effect. It is incredible. The cream is white and looks like a normal skin cream when it comes out of the tube, but once you start to put it on your face it changes it's colour. At first it looks a bit scary, because the colour looks so orange, but once you apply it on your face, you are not able to see it anymore.
It not only hydrates your skin a bit, it also should have an anti-aging effect and make your skin look better in the long term.
The best thing about this cream is, that it transforms your skin from tired and dull looking into glowing, healthy and bright looking. You don't need to blend anything, you just put it on and you are ready to go.
I like to put on some concealer to cover my blue undereye circles and some mascara on days, where i don't like to wear make up, but don't want to go fully bare on the face.
Sometimes i am even doing a whole make up look, just using the Miracle Skin Perfector instead of foundation and i love it.

The first picture shows, how the cream is coming out of the tube. The second one is showing the colour transformation after you started to spread it.

And now here is the incredible (nearly Miracle...haha) differnce between before (left) and after (right).

Crazy huh? I tried the Miracle Skin Perfector on my hand for the first time and was convinced right away. The differnce is just so good, that i thought it was worth the try if the result would be half this good on my face.