Skin Transformation in a Minute? Yes, Please.

Do you also scare yourself in the mirror after crawling out of bed in the morning? And you just have no idea how you should look nearly awake and healthy without putting your whole make up on your face? I know what i am talking about, but finally i found a solution.

I discovered the Miracle Skin Perfector by Garnier and was blown away by it's effect. It is incredible. The cream is white and looks like a normal skin cream when it comes out of the tube, but once you start to put it on your face it changes it's colour. At first it looks a bit scary, because the colour looks so orange, but once you apply it on your face, you are not able to see it anymore.
It not only hydrates your skin a bit, it also should have an anti-aging effect and make your skin look better in the long term.
The best thing about this cream is, that it transforms your skin from tired and dull looking into glowing, healthy and bright looking. You don't need to blend anything, you just put it on and you are ready to go.
I like to put on some concealer to cover my blue undereye circles and some mascara on days, where i don't like to wear make up, but don't want to go fully bare on the face.
Sometimes i am even doing a whole make up look, just using the Miracle Skin Perfector instead of foundation and i love it.

The first picture shows, how the cream is coming out of the tube. The second one is showing the colour transformation after you started to spread it.

And now here is the incredible (nearly Miracle...haha) differnce between before (left) and after (right).

Crazy huh? I tried the Miracle Skin Perfector on my hand for the first time and was convinced right away. The differnce is just so good, that i thought it was worth the try if the result would be half this good on my face.

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