Another Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

Yes, i love my neutrals (if you couldn't have guessed already). This one is from Zoeva, which i ordered along with the brushes (i've done a review about those brushes and i am obsessed with them) and it's name "Naturally Yours" describes it very well.

The palette has five matte and five shimmery shades, which is a good mixture to be able to create a daytime or evening look. My favorite shade is "Sweet Sound" a bronzy shade (i love my bronzy eyeshadows), which doesn't look like the normal boring one, due to it's slightly coppery undertone.
I love to use the dark brown and the black eyeshadow for creating an eyeliner to finsih up my eye makeup.

The packaging is as lovely as Zoeva packaging is always and they have different themes for those palettes (all of them here), so if you want more bright or more dark colours, they definetly have a palette for you too.

Now we are talking pigmentation and lasting power. After i used the brushes, i wasn't surprised to notice, that those shadows have amazing quality. The pigmentation is great nearly as good as Urban Decay eyeshadows and they do not have noticable fallout or anything. Those eyeshadows last ages with a eye primer underneath and you don't have to worry about having eyeshadow everywhere.

So if you are looking for a nice neutral eyeshadow palette you can use for a everyday or nighttime eye makeup, you should have a look at this palette. You won't be disappointed, i promise.


  1. This looks gorgeous! i've never looked at anything but the brushes may have to add this to my basket too!

    1. Yes, you definitley should. I ordered it along with my brushes too. :)

  2. Das ist wirklich eine sehr schöne Palette :)

  3. Oh, allein wegen dem Design müsste ich mir die eigentlich fast schon kaufen.
    Toller Blog, meine Liebe!

  4. Was für eine tolle Palette! Die Farben sind so schön! Neutrale Lidschatten sind einfach immer zu gebrauchen finde ich und du hast dir eine richtig gute Palette zugelegt!:)
    Ich habe mir selbst gerade auch 2 neue zugelegt von Bh-Cosmetics allerdings. :)
    Anna von http://skullderr.blogspot.de/
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn du einmal vorbeischauen würdest, vielleicht gefällt er dir ja, habe ihn gerade neu designt! :)

    1. Ja, finde ich auch. Mein ganze Paletten Sammlung besteht eigentlich nur aus neutralen Lidschatten.
      Gerne, ich schaue gleich mal vorbei.