Changes and Chances

New Years Eve is over and the year 2015 is there. I could say, that 2014 was going by so fast, but that is something i could say every year, so i won't say it this year.

2014 was quite a busy and exiting year. I finished school and had to write my exams for my A levels, there were some changes in my family and living situation. The major thing that happend was, that i left my family and flew alone over the big pond to stay for ten month in Canada. This was probably the most exciting thing i ever did. Now two month are nearly over and there are eight to come. I am excited.

Every beginning of a new year everyone wants to make a new beginning, changes and take chances. New Years Resolutions are a thing. Everybody makes them, everybody makes too much and just a few people accomplish their goals they set for themselves in the end.
So this year i decided to keep it simple (hahaha...not really) and just set 4 goals. I thought about those goals for a little while, because i didn't want ridiculious ones or just some that would be impossible to accomplish.

This is something i set myself every year and never really do it throughout the year. There are periods of time, when i am really dedicated and others where i am not. This year i will try to keep it simple and take small steps instead of wanting to change everything at once. I want to incorporate Workouts and Fitness into my daily routine and don't stress about it too much, when i don't fulfill my plan 100 percent. We will see. And there will be a Fitness post/roundup at the end of each month (more about it at the end of January).

That's an addition to number one, but still is a point for itself. I used to sit around a lot especially after i finished school. Most of the time in front of the computer or the tv. I want to do more with my day, get more things done, do more outside, visit people or just do something new.

I started this blog in November 2014 and it is not quite ready yet, but due to number 2 i don't have that much time anymore to spend hours for changing things on my blog. So i do it in little steps here and there. I want to blog throughout the whole year and i am excited what will happen this year.

I will be away from home for that amount of time, probably just one time in my life. And i won't be able to repeat this experience, so i want it to be the best time it could be.

Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

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