Stay motivated until you hit the finish line

As you may have already read in my 2015 New Years Resolutions i want to get more into the healthy and fit lifestyle. To keep me motivated (or better to force me) to work on my goals, i thought i will start this monthly series, where i talk about fitness or health related stuff i want to mention. So at the end of each month there will be a Fitness/ Health related post.

This month's will be about tips how to stick to your fitness and health resolutions. When the new year starts everybody is highly motivated and is sure that this time they will make it. But like with most things you loose the motivation, you let things get loose and stop sooner or later completely. I am not different (first weeks of January super motivated, now not that much anymore). So i will show you a few tips, that will motivate you again and will help you (and me) to stay that way.

First things first if you want to accomplish something, you have to have a plan. So keeping track of what you do/did is a important step, because otherwise you will get confused. No matter what you want to change, if it's drinking more water, eating healthier or workout out more. KEEP TRACK of things! Count the glasses of water you drank, make a list of what you ate and analyze what you could do better next time or make a list, on which you can tick up the workouts you have done. For me (the list making monster) it is a satisfying feeling to tick of the day, if i did a workout. Moreover it makes your head less full of things you have to remember by writing those things down.
If you want to know what i use to track my progress, let me know.

Always keep your goal in front of your eyes, whether it's a remember note on your mirror, the Instagram feed full of fit and healthy people or a jeans you want to fit in. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it reminds you everytime you see it, that you shouldn't give up. Sometimes I can forget my goal, when i look at a delicious cake or i am feeling to tired to workout.

We all have plans and imaginations that are impossible to follow. If you just started workouting, you won't do five workouts a week. Your body will be sore and then you shouldn't workout again. So keep it real. If you are a beginner start with maybe three times a week to have a day or two space between workouts. Your body needs time to recover so keep that in mind. Otherwise you will loose your motivation very fast, due to the fact that you just won't be able to stick to your plans.

If you are to tired, came home late or have a event you want to attend, then don't workout. You can do it another day and even you left out one workout of the week it won't kill you. You shouldn't leave it out to often, but when you aren't able to motivate yourself or simply can't fit it into your day, than that's ok. You are not an athletic or training for some kind of competition. You have to be happy with it.

Try to find sports you like something you enjoy doing. If you have to force yourself through it (sometimes that's okay though), it's not worth it. If the treadmill isn't your thing, try something different. Maybe you are more the group sport kind of person, than you should do that. You have to find a kind of sport you have fun doing. Sometimes it is necessary to go out of comfort zone and do something you don't enjoy that much, but if you do that all the time you will loose your motivation.
Another tip i read about is starting a workout journal, where you note down how you feel after you completed your workout. So if you feel unmotivated to workout read through your journal and remind yourself that you will feel good afterwards.

Do you have any methods or tips you use to maintain your motivation?


  1. Great post Lara! I totally agree with what you're saying. I think the most important thing you pointed out was to keep track of things. I started out strong this year, working out solidly 5 days a week, but the next week I didn't work out once...mostly because I didn't have the time but I also didn't have the motivation. I think that'll really help me stay on track. (: Looking forward to your next health post! :D

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet || Simply-M

    1. Thanks! Some here, throughout the first weeks i was really motivated and then i stopped. Since i am keeping track of things and not forcing me, it's working pretty well.