How to clean your brushes

I watched a ton of videos and read a lot of blogposts about how you should clean your brushes and i finally established a brush cleaning routine i am nearly satisfied with. I am not an expert or anything and there are a lot of products and a lot of ways to clean your brushes, but i thought i will share my way. 

Cleaning your brushes is very important, because they will last longer and look and feel good longer, if you clean them correctly. Moreover it prevents your skin from breakouts caued by old makeup on your brushes.
Firstly i wet my dirty brushes (clean only the dirty brushes, not the ones you didn't use) with warm or cold water. You don't want to use hot water, because that can destroy the brush's hair. Another important thing is to hold your brushes with the bristels pointing down so no water gets into the binding and destroys the glue.
Next i put a bit of my shampoo on my palm or what i prefer on the pink rubber pad i have (more about this thing later) and swirl the brush until it's clean. Rinse them in water until the shampoo is gone and squeeze them gently with a towel afterwards to remove excess water.

How often you should clean your brushes depends on how often and how much you use them. If you use the brushes for your everyday makeup, doing a deep cleaning once a week should be enough. You can use brush cleaners (f. e. from MAC) to quickly clean your brushes, during makeup application to be able to use them immidiatly again. Nevertheless your brushes need a deep cleanse once in a while.

You don't want to place your brushes with the hair upwards, because the water will affect the glue (again :D). So i like to place them on a table or something with the brush part over the edge to help maintain the shape.

I would recommend using shampoo, soap for sensitive skin (f. e. baby shampoo) or special brush cleaning products, because the brush bristels are sensitive and need to be handled with care.
You can clean the brushes on your palm or use a rubbery face cleansing pad (like i do). Mine is from ebelin (Germany), but any rubbery pad with little "bristels" (for peeling purposes) should work. (I recently found a similiar pad here) I like to use this pad, because it is way quicker than cleaning the brushes on your palm.

 If you want your brushes to stay soft, you can use some conditioner now and then. It does not have to be any special conditioner, because it is just for soften the brushes (the conditioner should smell good though). My brushes see the conditioner not more than once a month, but it depends on how often you use and wash your brushes. So if you have the feeling they are getting a little bit hard and scratchy, just use a bit of conditioner after cleaning them the next time (make sure to rinse them in water afterwards).

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