The nomakeup makeup look for hot summer days

Does anyone else has the same phenomenon going on in the summer, when the motivation to put on any kind of fancy makeup sinks against not there? I do have it. But i only let this feeling win, when i know i don't have to go out of the house or a lot under people. If i do have to wear makeup and i'm fine with a nomakeup makeup look than i am rocking it. Best thing about it is the time it takes, nearly none. Maybe five minutes? And i look more like a human and i dare to go under people.

First i put on a moisturizer or if i want a bit more "coverage" or colour correction i use a BB Cream like the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream . Sometimes a light coverage foundation. Sweep it all over my face, favorite method for this are hands. A bit of the Maybelline Master Conceal under the eyes to cover any dark circles. Blend it in with fingers and sometimes the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge for the finish touches.
For a bit colour on the cheeks i either put Revlons Creamblush with the fingers or a brush on and that's nearly it. I finish up the look with a bit of Mascara, at the moment the Maybelline Manga Mascara or the Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara. And last but not least a bit of clear brow gel to get those brows into shape. I don't bother with filling them in, although my brows aren't the boldest ones. The clear brow gel makes them stay in place and look a bit more done than if i would leave them like they are.
That's it. Nothing fancy, nothing time consuming, but still a look that makes me look a lot better than no makeup. It's all light and feels like you have nothing on your face.

What do you like to put on makeup wise on hot summer days?


Beach Day Essentials

Beach Days are my favorites. Relaxing on the beach, jump from time to time into the water, have an icecream or two and get that tan going. Who doesn't love a good Beach Day? I would love to live at the beach at some point in my life, because it must be so nice to open the back door and be on the beach.

First things first bikini, towel, sunglasses, flip flops are things you shouldn't forget, when going to the beach.
For me the probably most important thing to pack, despite the basic things mentioned above, is a good book or magazine. I like reading books all year around, but there is something special about reading a book in the sun. I don't know. I finished "All the light we cannot see" by Anthony Doerr yesterday on the beach and i will probably start with the third book of the Immortal Instruments series today or tomorrow. If you want to know more about the books i read and how i like them, check out my Goodreads profile here.
Beauty product wise i recommend first of all sunscreen. I don't have a particular favorite kind of sunscreen, i just use whatever i have at the moment. Next thing would be a Bodymist. I discovered bodymists for me last summer and it is a nice way to refresh yourself. I just mist all the parts of my body that aren't covered in clothes and i instantly feel less hot. It cools you down quick and you smeel nicely afterwards. The Victoria's Secret or Body Shop Body mists are my favorite ones.
Next thing is a spray conditioner for my hair. The water and the sun and the drying in the sun, isn't good for my hair. To get it smooth and not a tangeld mess on my head i use the Gliss Kur Hair Repair Express Repair Conditioner on wet hair. Afterwards it is easily to brush through and it looks a lot nicer. That's another essential for me, a hairbrush.
All of it packed into my beachbag and i am ready to go for a nice sunny day on the beach. 

What are your beach day essentials?


Top 5 Fashion Blogger/YouTuber

I'm very picky when it comes to fashion bloggers even pickier than with beauty bloggers or YouTubers. I don't know, the style of the blogger has to speak to me in a way, that i can see myself in that kind of outfit. And i don't like just one style like preppy. I like different styles. You will see what i mean, when you visit the ladys mentioned below on their blogs. The thing is that i don't like every single outfit they post, more like every third. Because i like the mix of different styles...Hard to explain, just have a look.

A newly New York based Beauty/Fashion Youtuber. She did more beauty focused videos a few years ago, but the reason i love her channel are her fashion videos. Especially the Get the Look for Less videos for different celebrities are the bomb.com. Seriously love her style. I have to go through all her fashion vids again and make screenshots of the outfits so i can pin them on my Pinterest fashion inspiration board.

German fashion blogger girl. First ever fashion blogger i followed. Supercute. And her Outfits are feminine, girly, but still elegant. Some of them are ultimate favorites of mine. And her How to Style Series is so inspirational and makes me step out of my comfortzone from time to time.

I came to Kat's blog over Instagram. Her outfits are so elegant. I would like my style to go more in the elegant, effortless, grown up, simple way.  Seriously you have to check her out. Definite style crush and want feeling overload.

The more edgy, "hipster" blogger of the bunch. Some of her outfits really make me want to buy all the things she wore and probably look not like me anymore, but i like a edgy piece in my wardrobe here and there. 

This is the preppy, elegant blogger i like. I know quite the mix here. She doesn't only posts beautiful wearable outfits, there are also some DIY Fashion tutorials here and there and hers are looking so good and are most of the time really easy to do. So thumbs up for that. Her style is btw just effortless ang wow.

Who is your favorite Fashion Blogger/Youtuber?

P.S. Sundays upload time is from now 9am PST. Just to let you know :)


Sephora Wishlist

I have the Sephora obession too (who doesn't?!). I do feel the need to browse the Sephora website once in a while and fill my basket with too many and too expensive products. I can't order online, because i don't have a creditcard so i have to wait until i have access to a store. I know there are Sephora stores in europe, but they don't stock all the interesting products the american or canadian Sephora's does. So one thing that is on my To-Do list for Canada is visting Sephora. The next Sephora is a 2-hour-drive away from the place i live, but i may make that trip this month. Actually i HAVE to do it this months, because it's my brithday month and i need the Sephora Birthday gift. I mean two Nars Lip Pencils, who doesn't want these?

//Tarte Amazonian Clay 12- Hour Blush "Exposed" & "Blissfull" - 34 C$
That's THE number one on my Tarte wishlist. All the american YouTubers are raving about the blushes since forever and everybody else, who got their hands on them too. "Exposed" is supposedly the perfect nude coloured blush out there and i think i saw "Blissfull" by essiebutton and was immediatly impressed by the finish on her cheeks. If i go out of Sephora with only one thing (or two) than it's those blushes.

Viviannadoesmakeup loves the Agave Lip Mask and i tend to get really dry lips when the weather is changing so i wanted to try this lipmask. I don't want to spend that much money on a product i don't know i will like, so this set with a included srubstick is perfect.

My obsession with all things skincare continues and this faceoil is being raved about with no end. Fresh is a good and popular skincare brand and one can never have too many moisturizing face oils, right?
We can't get it anymore in germany or anywhere in europe i think. I kept seeing it in posts and vids and was so in love with it and at the same time so sad that it wasn't available anymore. Until i saw it on one of my late night Sephora website browses. I nearly made a little happy dance sitting there on my bed. I just need this palette.

I'm in love with matte eyeshadows and a palette with only matte eyeshadows (and 12 of those) is my dream come true. There's not only the usual brown hues, there are plums and everything you could wish for as a neutral eyeshadow kinda gal. And the packaging is so pretty with the gold inside and the big mirror and everything. No words needed for this beaut.
Anna's ongoing rave about the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask from Peter Thomas Roth is unreal. Again i don't want to spend that much money on a mask i don't know i will like. This set contains the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, the Cucumber Gel Mask and the Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask. So three masks to try. Skincare obsession continues. 

I always wanted to try lipsticks from Bite Beauty, because their lipsticks are supposed to be real good. The Duo is another way to save money and try as many products as possible. There's a more nude option (the one i will choose) and a bright option with an orangy red and a pinky plum colour. 

Oh yes, it is a lot of money. Omorovicza products are amazing and amazingly expensive. The Travel Set includes the Queen of Hungary Mist the facemist viviannadoesmakeup and lilypebbles and the bloggerworld loves to death. The Cleansing Foam, the Thermal Cleansing Balm, the Deep Cleansing Mask and the Balancing Moisturizer are partly products on my to try list too. So that would be a lucky purchase.
Another brand we can't get easily a hold of in Europe and a brand everybody seems to love. A hairproduct line with the name "Perfect Hair Day" is just one i have to try. I mean who doesn't want the Perfect Hair Day everday?

Depending if the Sephora i will visit has any of those sets and how i like them in person i will may purchase one (or two) of those Beauty on the Fly Set, Beauty Closet Set or  the Ultimate Hair Essentials Set. On the Sephora website they all look tempting. Very.

Which products are on your Sephora wishlist? Or what are your favorite products to buy in Sephora?


Summer Picks

As i declared already here the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation is THE Summer Foundation for me. It's just amazeballs. Light coverage, no heavy feeling on the skin, a light luminous finish. Just read the review for a detailed rave.

My newly discovered Creamblush "Coral Reef" from Revlon is my fave. Especially because it gets 37 degrees (celcius) here at the moment. So i'm sweating my butt off and this baby stays were it should. Another favorite are shimmer blushes and with shimmer i mean shimmer and not glitter. I don't want to look like a discoball when the sunshine hits my cheeks. But a bit colour combined with a fresh summer glow is perfect. My favorite is the Glow Touch Blush from P2, sadly germany only.

A dupe from Catrice (germany) for the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors. I love the formula. That it makes your lips look smoother and plumper, without looking like you put something on your lips. The Catrice one has a too sweet scent for me and i am wanting to purchase one of the Clarins ones for yonks. So that's on top of my list.

Back to the basics is the motto for my nails at the moment. Classic reds, for example "Dress to Kilt" from Essie. Or nude tones to emphasize my tan a bit without going full onto the bold or white area. Favorite Nude coloured nailpolish of all time is "Spin the Bottle" from Essie. I know boring, but sometimes i am like that.

What are your favorite products for Summer?


Shampoo & Conditioner for full weightless hair

I am on my neverending search for the perfect shampoo and conditioner. And i haven't found the perfect combo yet, but this one is close. Very close. My hair tends to get greasy very quick and even quicker when i am not using the right shampoo. It has to do a real good cleaning jpb, without being too drying on my skin. Otherwise i get an itchy scalp. Strange i know, but that's not all. My ends are quite dry and tend to get a bit frizzy if they don't get enough moisture. The problem here is, that my hair is fine and straight so a too nourishing conditioner will weigh my hair down even more.

What i want my hair to look like? Fresh for at least two days. Moisturized in the ends, so no dry ends and less frizz. Despite this volume especially in the roots.
And it seems i found a combo that is near to perfect. The Dove Oxygen Moisture line.

The shampoo is clearing my scalp very good from any greasiness and oils. It stays fresh up there for two to three days, although the third day is a day for a ponytail or bun of some sort. The effect that got me loving this shampoo is that it seems to lift my roots and make my hair look a lot more voluminous even on the second day.

The conditioner is moisturizing, but slightly too less nourishing for my ends. My ends are softer and less frizzy, but still not enough that i could say it is close to the perfect conditioner. One thing that i really really like about this conditioner though is the fact, that it is moisturizing but not weighing down my hair at all. That is crucial when it comes to making fine hair look voluminous and light.

All in all i really like this line and the Shampoo & Conditioner Combo and in combination with the hairmask i mentioned here it is my current Haircare Routine in the shower.

Do you have any recommandations for my type of hair/needs? What is your favorite Shampoo & Conditioner Combo at the moment?


Mai Favorites

 I don't even know how in the world i was able to balance those products between my fingers, while holding (the quite heavy) camera in the other trying to take a good picture and not dropping the products into the pool. I am so glad i didn't, because i had no intentions on diving into the pool to get the products out. The weather is hot and the amount of makeup on my face is low. Eyemakeup is only happening on special events in the evening.

As you may have already read in the review i did for this foundation. I love it for the hot summer days. It is light on the skin and in coverage, gives a dewy finish and in my eyes just the perfect summer foundation.

I just saw that i already mentioned this concealer in last month's favorites. Oops. It is still my favorite concealer at the moment, although i need more coverage for my immense dark circles. For blemishes and less blue dark circles this is the perfect product. Nice coverage, longwearing and nearly no creasing under the eyes.

I'm all for the flawless skin finish lately and nearly hit my nose on the mirror while looking for dry patches, cakey foundation or pores. The face mist/ setting spray is supposed to make things look more flawless and skinlike. And it seems that it does. For a drugstore version definitely worth a try. Also really nice for refreshing your face and reviving your makeup.

My full on rave about creamblushes here, but this one in particular is a beaut. The colour in the tin is quite terrifying but the finish on my cheeks is so nice. Fresh and it looks so natural like i just had a slight jog around the house. Love it.

My recent go to lipproduct for going out or evenings, where i know that there won't be much time for makeup touchups. It lasts on your lips for ages. The colour is a mauve-pink colour and looks very pretty on the lips. Matte finish, which is perfect for long evenings/nights and eating/drinking in between.