January Favorites

It's time for the monthly favorites post again. January has gone by and winter is hopefully on it's way out too. I am nearly three month in Canada now and it is only getting better. I had a little problem with putting together my January favorites because either i am not using that much makeup or i'm using the things i already showed you in the last favorites post. That's the reason why this month i don't have that many products to show you.

My first MAC Blush is still a favorite of mine. It is a simple one in a mauvy pink color without any shimmer, but it makes my face seem more alive and fresh. The color is a natural blush shade so it looks like you are blushing naturally. The quality of MAC blushes is hands down amazing and this one is no exception. If you want to buy a blush from MAC and are not sure which one to buy, you won't go wrong with this one. It looks good only a lot of skin tones and is a simple but gorgeous blush.

Another mascara in my favorites it seems to become a staple in these posts. I brought this mascara along with me from Germany and i just wanted to use it up. After i used it several times i rediscovered my love for it, but it's not the right mascara for crazy volume or length. It seperates my lashes and leaves them looking natural voluminous (if that makes sense). The application is very easy and you don't have to keep attention that you end up with three clumps of lashes. This is one for the put-on-and-out-the-door application.

I was so happy to find this nailpolish because it was part of a limited edition in Germany, but i wasn't able to pick it up at that time. Afterwards i was desperatly searching for a similair color, but never found one. Until i recently stumbled across the nailpolish in the drugstore, being part of a new limited edition. I love essie nailpolishes (as you already could read about here) and the color is especially beautiful. It's a dark nearly black blue, with no glitter, no shimmer, just a plain dark blue.

You might have seen this product in my recent haul, but at first i wasn't sure about this product. After using it for the first time i didn't know if the effect was due to this product or to the new moisturizer i used. So i tested it alone and with my "old" moisturizer, now i am convinced. You can apply it on it's own, but there is no big difference in terms of moisture. If you use it under your daily or evening moisturizer it helps getting and locking the moisture into your skin and it leaves your skin feel so soft.

Another product from my Haul is this moisturizer i picked up, because i had problems with lack of moisture. It has a more gel like texture and doesn't really feel like a cream. It sinks into your skin really quickly and little goes a long way with this. You don't need much (just dip your finger in once or twice) to have a great outcome. The lines on my forehead are completely gone and it makes my skin look so much plumper than before.

It may seems strange to include a toothpaste in my favorites post, but this one deserves it. I am always using whithening toothpastes, but one never made a huge difference since i used this one. I don't know if it's due to the ingredients and they're not allowed to put so much Fluoride in there in germany, but this one works while the german ones don't.

Maybe you saw this little friend used as a prop in my Top 5 Instagrammers post and it is not only good for this. I always wanted to have a filofax since i watched this video from xkarenina. My mom gave this one to me as a christmas gift and i love it ever since. It is a planner in which you can put different insert (depending on what you need or want to use) and what i like to do is personalize it with sticky notes, washi tape, quotes, printables etc.. If you want to see my setup and how i use my planner let me know in the comments.

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