Serious helper against pimpels

I never had huge problems with pimpels, but from time to time i get some. Every time those nasty pimpels appear i know one thing that will help the pimpel disappear and make it less noticable.
I stole this cream from my mom and since then it mysteriously went over to my collection and she doesn't seem to miss it (sorry, mom).

I don't know if you can get the Azulenpaste from Dr.Eckstein in stores outside of germany, but if you can get your hands on this, you should.
It may looks a bit strange and it doesn't smell that good either, so be prepared to look like a monster with the green dots on your face. This is definitely material to scare any postman who disturbs you in your pampering time (like i did several times :D).

But i am able to ignore the look and the smell because it is working. I like to put it on top of my moisturizer before heading to bed. I dip my finger into the cream and then dab it onto the pimpel (don't be afraid to completely cover it). After a good sleep nearly all of the cream is gone and the pimpel is less red and less noticable than the evening before. It may not disappear after the first application, but the cream does take the healing process several steps forward. Depending on the state of your pimpel it should be gone after two to four applications.

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