Top 5 Body Shop skincare products

Before last year i was never really into The Body Shop and never walked into the shop and bought something. But i wanted to try it, so i got a body shop gift card. went in, bought some products and since then i am hooked. I like the philosophy of the body shop, that their products are not tested on animals and that the people who make the products get a fair vage. Something that shouldn't be overlooked is, that they have really amazing products for good prices. Today i will show you my top 5 skincare products from the body shop (a hair or makeup related post might happen at some point). Lately i am really into skincare and trying a lot of new products and a bunch of the products i use are from The Body Shop.

#1 Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil - here
When i was buying this the lady in the store was telling me how much she loved this product. I have to say, that she was right indeed. It's one of the serum/face oils that won't burn a hole in your purse and still work. I use it nearly everyday under my moisturizer after the cleansing part of my routine (more about which cleanser i use here) and it makes my skin feel so much more moisturised and plump and just really really nice.

#2 Aloe gentle Exfoliater - here
One of the few exfoliaters that i actually like. Most exfoliating products are to harsh or not making a difference. This product does make a difference but is stll nice and gentle that i doesn't make my skin look red. It is so gentle that you could probably use it as an everyday exfoliater if you like, but i wouldn't recommend doing that for multiple reasons (drains moisture, skin needs time to recover,...). You should use your exfoliater every two or three days at the maximum.

#3 Camomile Cleansing Oil - here
I am hooked on cleansing oils and balms after a lot of years only using micellar water. The Cleansing Oil from the Body Shop is the only good cleansing oil that is still affordable. If you know another one tell me in the comments. It removes all your face and eye makeup without rubbing and it leaves your skin feeling clean, but still nourished. I have mentioned this so often that you propably don't want to hear about it anymore.

#4 Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask & 3-in-1 Honey Oat Srcub Mask - here and here
I'm cheating a little bit on this one, but mask is mask. The Seaweed mask purifies your skin and cleanses clogged pores, but it doesn't seem to help against the blackheads on my nose. The mask is nothing for people with sensitive skin, because after i removed the mask after five minutes my skin was a bit red and felt tingly. The feeling disappeared after a few minutes and with my serum and moisturiser on top.

The honey mask exfoliates your skin and makes it smooth and soft (and helps with hydration a bit). It doesn't purifies as good as the seaweed maks, but it seems to help more with my blackheads. This mask is also more something for you if you have sensitive skin. It's not as aggressive as the other mask.

I really like both mask for cleansing and purifying purposes.

#5 Vitamin E Moisture Serum - here
Another Serum, but this one is supposed to help the moisturiser do it's job even better. It is supposed to get the moisture deeper into your skin and lock it in afterwards. The only thing i know is, that when i don't use it, i have the feeling that my skin isn't as moisturised as with using it. Plus my skin tends to get dry more quickly throughout the day without using the serum. You can use it under your morning or evening moisturizer or both.

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