Which eyeliner is good for what

When it comes to eyeliner there is not only a lot of brands to choose from, there are also all different types of formulas, ways and products. So in today's post i want to talk about which eyeliner formula and which way is good for achieving what kind of look.
Personally i am either using a brush or an eyeliner pen to do my eyeliner because i never really got along with liquid eyeliners.

Gel eyeliner can be a bit tricky, but ones you are used to it they are amazing. Lasts long, no smudging and you can apply it with a brush. Every look you want to go for is possible whether it's a thin line along the lashline or a big one. Best tool to apply gel eyeliner (or eyeshadow eyeliner, more about that later) with is a thin angled brush, like the Zoeva 317 wing liner. When it comes to the formula the brand you choose is key. There are great gel eyeliners out there, but also not so nice ones. The Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners are some you can trust will be good. From the drugstore i use the Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner.

This is my most used method to do my eyeliner, because i am best at applying my eyeliner with a brush. Plus i can use every eyeshadow i have there are no limits and i am able to match the color of my eyeliner to the rest of my eye makeup. You can use it either wet or dry. With dry eyeshadow it's possible to achieve a soft and more subtle look while the wet applied eyeshadow is more opaque and sharp. Which technique you use depends on the look you are going for. The wet method lasts longer on the eyelid without smudging or disappearing. You can either use water or (what i prefer) a setting spray.

There are felt tip pens and those which have a real brushhair tip. Personally i prefer the ones with the brush kind of tip because the felt tip ones tend to go less opaque during application. It's not fun if you are done with the one eye and then have to wait ten minutes until the ink is back in the tip. That's really annoying. The Kat von D Tattoo Liner is a nice example for the brush tip liner type.
I like to use the eyeliner pen either for a really bold eyeliner, a glossy black result or a quick application. The eyeliner pens are your best friend for big or "normal" sized eyeliner lines, but it can be hard to do a really thin line though. A drugstore option is the L'oreal Super Liner.
Which products and ways do you prefer, when doing your eyeliner?

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