Lipcare Essentials

In the last breaths of winter and especially since i am in Canada (where it is a lot colder that in Germany) my lips do need a bit of care to stay nice and smooth. Nobody wants cracked up lips. I don't use a lot of products, but those i use are the ones i use for a long time now and they help everytime.

Once or twice a week i exfoliate my lips with the Lush Mint Julips Lipscrub, which is a simple sugar lip scrub with a after eight scent (there are more scents available). It's all natural and organic and you can just lick it of your lips after you massaged it over them.

Next step i do everyday (mostly sveral times a day) is a normal lip balm. This is a step where i switch up the products from time to time. At the moment i am using the EOS Pomegranate Lip balm, but i find the round shape quite strange. I think i do prefer the stick form more. The Eos lipbalm has a really nice scent and it makes my lips soft without being too heavy. What i really regret not taking with me is the Nivea Blueberry Lip Butter, i loved this product. The scent was sweet, but not too chemical sweet and it nourished and softend so nicely. Maybe i have to pick one of those up again.

For times when my lips are getting dry or twice a week in the evening i use the Kaufmann Haut- und Kindercreme that repairs everything that needs to be reapaired. Sadly this is a german product, but if you have the chance to get your hands on this, do it. It's a thick creamy texture, which leaves applied on your lips a thick white layer. It feels heavy and (for me) quite uncomfortable on the lips and that's the reason why i only use it before bed. The result is just amazing, if my lips are in real bad cracked up condition, this makes the smooth again after one time using it.

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