Favorite Bodycare Products

So i'm quite lazy when it comes to bodycare and it's a step i genuinly overlook in my routine. The last few weeks i tried to do it more often, but i keep it simple and stick to the basics.

I use a body scrub once in a while in the shower and most of the time it's the Body Shop Cream Body Scrub (yep, a lot of body shop products...). Everytime i shower i try to use my peeling massaging brush to tone, tighten and make my skin smooth.

I was never a big moisturise-person especially when it comes to the body. Body lotions are too time consuming, in my mind at least and to use them just once in a while isn't helping. In-shower-bodylotions i use, but they don't have a good enough effect that i could only use this. Recently i found the Vaseline hydratant Spray & Go Moisturizer and i love it. It's perfect for lazy persons like me, who need a quick application. You just spray it on your skin, rub it in and you're done.

 As already featured in my lipcare essentials post the Kaufmanns Haut- und Kindercreme is perfect for any dry patches. For me it's my elbow, which need a bit more care. I just put a bit of the cream on the dry area and leave it on overnight and the skin is smooth again.

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