A little app that helps you staying hydrated

I am not a water drinker crazy person, who drinks five liters a day easily. At the moment i am sometimes at 3,5 Liters, which is a huge improvement from maybe one glass of water a day. At the beginning of this year i downloaded quite a few health and fitness related apps and this one is one of the few that stayed. I just needed a simple app that does the job without needing to spend more than a minute to log.

The Drink Water app is the app that fulfills my expectations. The app does calculate the amount of water you should drink a day based on your age and weight, but you can change the daily water intake goal (i changed it from 2,8 Liters to 3,5 Liters). To log your water intake you just press the drink water button on the bottom choose the amount you drank and that's it. It just can't get easier than this. On the top it says: "i have to drink today" and then the amount of water you still have to drink.

The apps functions are completly customisable, you can change your daily water intake goal, the unity (liters or oz), if the app should remind you and the interval if it does. There is even a calender option where you can see how much water you drank everyday.

I just love the app, because it's so easy to use, the design is nice and simple but functional. For me it's the best way to keep track of my water intake and to make sure i drink enough water throughout the day. I measured how much our water glasses take and now i am just adding 500ml after i finished one glass of water.

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