Book or movie which one is better?

At the moment i am reading quite a lot of books that were adapted into movies currently. I read through them as quick as possible, so i can watch the movie afterwards. I told myself that i have to read the book before watching the movie, because otherwise i probably won't read the book at all.

A book i did really like beside the crazy amount of sex scenes. I know that's the main focus of the book, but is it really necessary to have a sex scene every ten or fifteen pages? Whatever. I like the story the characters and the changes and struggels the characters are facing throughout the book, but seem to find each other everytime again. Besides the (for me) overload of sexscenes, the book is really good and one you should at least read once. (TMI It did reminded me here and there a lot of Twilight, which 50 Shades of Grey was originally a fanfiction of.)

The movie did disappoint me a bit though. The story itself is for someone who didn't read the book probably good and the movie itself too. But for me it left out a few things i would have put in or even changed scenes in a way, they didn't really achieved the crackling tension i was hoping for. Some scenes were shortend and it seemed they just wanted to put all the scenes in, but didn't really focused on the tension building that is a big part of the book. For example the elevator kiss scene was just so short and boom finished. They could have build the tension and longing feeling more so that you sit on the edge of your seat as a viewer, feeling the urge to see that kiss happening.

In this case i would recommend the book a bit over the movie, but both are really close to each other. Watch the movie first and then read the book (if you haven't already) to get more information, more of the back and forth of their relationship and to feel the crackling tension and the desire through the pages. If you're not at all into this whole S&M thing (not that i would be), you have to at least listen to the Soundtrack once. It's one of the best Soundtracks in the last few years i really really loved.

The book created a longing inside me to start hiking as Cheryl did. To experience the satisfaction of that finished hike. No worries i won't do it in the next few years, but who knows. It was quite a quick and easy read, i really enjoyed the story and the writing. It wasn't as spiritual as i thought, but still makes you think about things in your life and about your life in general in a subtle way.

The movie however couldn't seem to win me over. I had the feeling that the scenes weren't able to deliver how important those situations were for Cheryl and how they were connected to her past life. After reading the book, where it's 90 percent only thoughts of Cheryl (so you really get into her story and life), the movie wasn't able to deliver the same kind of feeling and connection.

I would definitely recommend reading the book over watching the movie in this case. The story and feelings are way better realized and delivered (how often did i wrote delivered yet?) in the book.

Another Nicholas Sparks novel and movie adaptation i loved. Is there a book this man doesn't nail right on the head? The books are more on the cheesy side of love stories, but they always have a twist i never see coming and that's what makes them stand out in the sea of romantic novels. The book can be quite boring at the beginning and here and there throughout the story. And to be honest i didn't liked the end at all, so it's good that there is a alternative ending for the movie.

The movie is like all Spark adaptations close to the book, but still interesting and the places where they shot were incredible beautiful. The book does give you more in depth information about the story, the background and the characters as always, but i liked the movie a bit more than the book.

The book seemed to be read in a short amount of time. Probably not more or less than any other book with the same amount of pages, but the fact that the whole book takes place in just one day created the feeling that i read it in a few hours. At the beginning there are quite a few descriptions i rather haven't read, but okay. The major amount of the book are memories or thoughts of Mia about her past life and how those memories influence her decision and her back and forth if she should stay or not and the consequences of her decisions. The book raised the question inside my head whether people in a trauma really decide if they want to stay or not.

The movie is just as good as the book, the story is delivered really good and it was able to keep up with my expectations. Although it seemed to not deliver the inner arguments and struggles as good as the book did, which is probably due to the format. But both book and movie are great and you shouldn't miss any of them. (A little TMI both book and movie left me heavily crying at some scenes.)
The second book "Where She Went" carries on with Mia's and Adam's relationship and is narrated by Adam instead of Mia. For people who loved "If I Stay" it's definitely worth a read.

I had this book for quite a while standing on my shelf, but i wasn't motivated to read it. I am normally not that into Thrillers and i was scared it would be to scary for reading it in the evening (and i'm only reading in the evening).  Because i have a lot of unread books in my stash i set myself the goal to read all my unread books before i buy new ones. At first i couldn't get into the book, i found it hard to read a lot at once, because i just grew bored after a few pages. I set it aside and read other books and then came back to it and after page 150 around it just sucked me in. It was getting so interesting and twisted and unexpected. While reading i just didn't know anymore what to believe, who to like, who to dislike and what was really true. Amy is just an incredible genuis. I would never be able to pull that all off. Insane. It's not really scary, the language and descriptions are sometimes quite harsh, but it fits into the content and the characters of the book. A big thumbs up for this one.
The movie was regarding the scenes a bit different from the book (which works better for the movie) and i imagined all the people (except Amy) quite different looking than in the movie, but it still was a good one. And the part i found so boring and draging at the beginning of the book is more or less shorter and has a bit more drive to it.

If you don't want to read the book, the movie is definitely a very good alternative. For a bit deeper dive into the story, read the book afterwards. Whichever you do first, you won't be disappointed.

Do you want to read more posts about books? And what did you think of the mentioned movies or/and books?

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