A lipstick range which knocked my expectations off the chair...

I thought essence is a brand only available in Germany and because of that i didn't want to rave a lot about products, that the most of my readers couldn't get a hold of (which i sometimes still do, sorry for that). But recently i found out that essence is at least available in Canada and in the UK. So here we go with the rave i wanted to hold back originally.

The essence longlasting lipsticks aren't that long part of the essence product range, but they knocked me off the chair right away. I mean first of all the packaging is so sleek and sophisticated and doesn't look or feel cheap at all. Although those lipsticks are a real bargain for around 4 bucks.

They don't only look good on the outside they are also pretty damn good on the inside. The formula is creamy, not drying, for a creamy drugstore lipstick pretty longlasting like they are supposed to be taken by their name and you are left with a smooth feeling on the lips. Plus the pigmentation is amazing with one swipe you have all the colour intensity you can get with this lipstick. It don't want to use the words amazing or good again, so i will just leave here.

The colour range does have some pretty colours too. I think they newly updated the range with some matte shades, but i'm not that sure about that. I own the colour "06 Barely there" a brown nude with a slight plumy undertone and "07 Natural Beauty" which turns out to be my favorite your lips but better colour. Left behind at home is the colour "Love me" an everyday pink and i have to say that i love all the colours i have and i intend to get some more shades sometime.

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