The one coat everyday nails

I am not always going for bright coloured nails or most of the time i am just to lazy to wait for the two coats and topcoat to dry. So then the neutral sheer polishes come out, with which you are good with one coat and maybe a topcoat if you like.

A long time favorite of mine is "Not just a pretty face" from essie a sheer rosy nude colour which doesn't behave like a dramaqueen while applying it. One coat and you're done, no streaks, no uneven colour, just perfect. Sadly it was a limited edition (at least in germany, i have to go for the hunt in canada before i leave) and my bottle is half empty. Who had the idea of limited editions anyways? That's so cruel if you find a product, you really really love and then it's limited edition and you can never get it again. So mean.

The other nailpolish i use for this type of neutral nails is "Ballet Slippers" a recent addition to my essie nailpolish collection. I was looking for an alternative colour so i don't always only use "Not just a pretty face" (and so it doesn't get empty so fast). "Ballet Slippers" is more white with a slight rosy hint and isn't as uncomplicated as the other one. If you want to only apply one coat, you have to be very careful so you don't end up with major strikes and uneven colour application. But if you spend a bit more time with the application, it's a beautiful colour.

To extend the hold you should use a clear topcoat to prevent your nailpolish from tip wear or chipping. You can use whatever topcoat works for you, but i am in love with the essence better than gel nails topcoat. I love it so much because it is very thick and after it dried, you end up with a very glossy finish and the most important aspect, that whatever you do there are no scratches to be seen. A little tip to find the perfect topcoat for you, try topcoats for gel nails, to get this nearly undestroyable and high glossy finish.

What is your favorite neutral coloured nailpolish or topcoat?

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