February Favorites

It's favorites time again. The last few month i find it hard to pick products as my favorites, because i don't want to show you the same products over and over again so the amount of products seem to minimize each month...

Essie "Lollipop"
I thought Canada was a country with long cold snowy and icy winters and not spring temperatures in february. It seems i thought wrong. It was quite sunny and springy in february so i started getting out my spring nailpolishes and lipsticks. This one is a bright red colour with a orange touch. It's not orange but it's not the regular red either. It will probably become a staple in upcoming spring and summer.

Vaseline "hydratant spray&go moisturizer"
As i already mentioned in my Favorite bodycare products post i am a lazy bum when it comes to moisturising my body. So this little friend here helps with that. Spray the moisturiser over your body, pat it in and you're good to go.

Swissco Almond infused Paddle Brush
You only learn how much you love something when you don't have it anymore. When i was packing my suitcase i thought i wouldn't need my paddle brush. As always i was wrong and i started to miss the brush after three month without it. I found this brush at Winners and was curious if the almond oil infused part would really make a difference. And it does. My hair is smoother and doesn't fly around like i just rubbed a ballon over it.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm - here
I already raved about this in my Cleanser post and in my PM skincare routine so i don't really can say anything new about it. I use it for cleansing my face after i removed my makeup. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and not squeaky clean. I just love it.

L'oreal colour riche "176 sunset angora"
I'm more a coral kinda gal than a pink lover.  So since the weather is making me want spring to come even more i am dusting off my coral lipsticks, blushes and nailpolishes. Current love is this one. Gorgeous packaging by the way. Creamy but still quite cheer and not drying on the lips.

Catrice multi colour blush "060 strawberry frappuccino" (germany)
A german product i was strolling around for ages. It's a blush with four colours in it, going from mauvy pink, pink, rose over to pale rose. I like to put my brush in the upper half or just swirl it around in the pan. It creates a pinky and subtle pop of colour on my cheeks.

MacBook Pro - here
Just two days gone by since i spend a hell lot of money on this little baby i am having on my lap right now. I always wanted a Mac but it was always the dream that you know will probably never come true. Then my (now old) laptop got a crac in the screen (don't ask me how) and there was a big fat white line right in the middle of the screen so it was more or less impossible to do anything with it properly. After a lot of touching, staring, arguing with myself and dropping a lot of questions on people working in the store i decided to buy the MacBook Pro (the older a little bit chunkier version without the retina display) and so far i looove it. It is different, because all my life i had computers with windows on them and now everything is different, but in a good way.


  1. Sunny and springy in Februrary? Where in Canada are you living? I'm jealous, here in Toronto it has been freezing!

    1. Yep! Sometimes it's still a bit cold and some nights the temperature drops under zero, but mostly it's sunny and quite warm. In BC near the US Border. Oh god, that's terrible, i am just so sick of snow and winter already...