Mascara Battle

I do own quite a few mascaras, like probably most beauty addicted girls out there. I tend to use one mascara at the time and the others have a lonely life in their container. So i thought i should show them all some love and compare them to be reminded of their greatness or their lack of one.
The last few days i was running around with a different mascara on each eye, which might have looked a bit strange

Three of the following mascaras are supposed to give your lashes more volume and one to give mainly length. The least favorite of the bunch is the L'oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara, which got a lot of rave since it came out. It manages the mixture between volume and length quite good and adds more length to your lashes than the other mascaras mentioned later. The one thing that makes it stand at fourth place is the fact, that it is a lot more wet than the others and tends to clump my lashes together.

On place three is the Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara which is more of a lengthening mascara than a volumising one. It contains fibers, which adds extra length to your natural lash length. It is great for layering on top of other mascaras, but on it's own i don't like it that much.

We get closer to the winner and the next contestant is just an inch behind the winner of this battle. The Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume Mascara was my favorite for a long time, but got recently hit off the throne. The Mascara gives you a good amount of volume but not that much length. It doesn't clump easily, but is a bit too dry for my taste.

Number one is the Clinique High Impact Mascara. It is the perfect mixture between volumising and lengthenig plus the texture isn't too wet or too dry. No lashes clumped together and if i want a bit more length i just add the L'oreal Illegal Length on top.

What is your favorite Mascara?

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