What a love

This post is dedicated to the Essie nailpolishes, because they are great in more than just one way. The colour range is amazing! I mean they have every shade you can think of and their shades aren't just normal shades. Essie has a way to make even the simplest shade look different and special. Those nailpolishes dry quickly (which is perfect for people like me, who can't wait longer than maybe a minute for their nailpolish to dry) and last for a minimum of 3 days without chipping. They last longer than 3 days on my nails, but i think that may be different by someone else. I am just in love with essie nailpolishes and they are the only nailpolishes i buy except if i want a perticular colour. My nailpolish stack is cleared from nearly every other nailpolish brand.

And i have to mention the packaging, because it looks just so nice, sleek and elegant. I even use the nailpolish bottles as a part of my decoration. By the way the names are just out of this world and so "cute as a button" (now i quoted a essie nailpolish name, oh gosh).
So to sum this post up, i will go and buy some more essie nailpolishes soon! (:D)

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