December Favorites

Here we are again and it is time for my December Favorites. This time i only have Makeup Favorites, because my Lifestyle/Song Favorite stayed nearly the same over the month. At first i wanted to do a Haul Post, but when i was taking the photos for this post, i realized that nearly all of the products i bought are feautured in this post. So i decided to skip the Haul post, because i don't want to mention the same products twice.

I wanted to try this foundation for a long time, but i Germany it is hard to get your hands on this. So i bought the foundation the first time i shopped at a candian drugstore. I am all on for the glowy dewy foundations. This foundation does excactly this. I leaves you with a nice dewy glowy finish, which doesn't look sweaty. The shade i have is a little bit too dark for me, but with a lot of blending you aren't able to tell. It has a medium coverage and looks natural on the skin. Some people don't like this foundation, because it has little little glitter particels in it. I don't see it as a problem, because it has a very nice effect.

This one is again a recommendation from essiebutton. You can use the highlighter under your foundation as an all over face illuminator/primer or you can use it as a liquid highlighter only on your cheekbones. I like both methods and it has a nice rosy glowy effect, which doesn't look too much.

In Germany it's not easy to get your hands on the e.l.f. products. We have an online shop, but there is just a little amount of products. So i took the chance to buy e.l.f. in Canada. This powder is a transulent loose powder. It looks really nice on the skin, sets everything without making it look cakey. I like to use it for setting concealer or put it just all over my face. One odd thing about it is, that it is hard to not splurge the powder everywhere, because it is so fine.

Real Techniques Brushes are soo damn good. I love them all. There are all different type of brushes and i have this kit and the blush brush. I think the Core Collection will be the next addition to my collection. The brushes are really good quality, the hairs are so soft and they don't loose any hairs. This Collection includes a big powder brush, a small eye blender brush (this will be mentioned later on again) and a small contour brush, i like to use this for setting my concealer, too.

Yes, i know i am late on raving about the maybelline colour tattoos, but better late then never. I love all type of bronzy eyeshadow shades and this is a dark bronzy shade with silver glitter. I like to pop this all over my lid and blend it with the blender brush from the Real Techniwues Collection i mentioned above. A lot of mascara a bit of concealer and blush and you are ready to go.

This gloss is honestly my very first product from NYX. Unbelievable right? Yes, i know. But there are more to come, because this gloss is so nice. It is not too tacky so that my hair gets stuck on my lips all the time and it also smells really nice. I think next time, when i go to the drugstore i have to pick up more shades.

This time it is a recommendation from Amelia. She said, this is a dupe to the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in "Pillow Talk" (which is on my wishlist). And i really like it. It is a Your-Lips-but-better-kinda-shade and makes your lips look smoother, fuller and just gorgeous. You can put some lipgloss on top of it, leave it as it is or use it as a lipliner for a bold lip for example.

The next product i bought after the hype is gone. This mascara has a bendable wand and a wand that gets smaller at the end. I like the effect of the mascara, because it lenghtens and volumizes my lashes. One thing i don't like is that it tends to stick my lashes together, but when you are careful or let the mascara dry out a little (that sounds kinda wrong) it shouldn't be that big problem.

I am using the Maybelline Micelle Water for ages now and never used something different, that i liked until now. I picked this cleansing oil up at the Body Shop a few weeks ago and use it since then every evening. I use two pumps, apply it on my skin, then splash a bit of warm water in my face and remove the oil and the makeup with a towel. It removes the heaviest eye makeup without rubbing and if you gently rub it over your lashes your mascara disappears, too. Last but not least it leaves your skin feeling soft and not itchy or dry.

I needed a new hair oil, because my old one was nearly empty and i left it at home. They had some kind of offer on this one, so i thought i should take it. After washing and drying my hair with a towel i put two pumps in my palms and massage it into the ends of my damp hair. It really smoothes and nourishes my ends and prevend them from looking to frizzy. And it doesn't make my hair look greasy at all.

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