Zoeva Brushes, one of the best

I already mentioned them in my November Favorites and i am going to rave about them in this post a little more. I am always on the hunt for good but not too pricey make up brushes. Sephora, Sigma or Mac brushes are good, but i don't want to spend so much money on a brush, because you need more than just one brush.

Zoeva brushes are still high quality, their hairs are soft and smooth and the brushes aren't loosing hair.Something that is important for me is, that they stay in their shape after i washed them. The really big and fluffy ones tend to loose their shape a bit after washing, but i like to put them in the protection case they came in to get them back in shape
The hairs are a blend of exquisite natural and synthetic hair free of dye.

The brushes are not only super soft and nice to work with I also really like the desigb of them. They look chic, but still simple. And i am dreaming of the rose golden set for a long time now. These brushes are just gorgeous.

 The price range is between 23€ and 8€ for single brushes, but they also have different brush sets.

I own the 101 Luxe Face Definer for applying bronzer, the 102 Silk Finish to apply foundation, i am using the 105 Luxe Highlight for my highlight, 122 Petit Stippling is for the application of cream blush and the 142 Concealer Buffer is for applying Concealer seamless.
I also have some Eye brushes, for example the 227 Soft Definer for blending in the crease, which is by the way very similar to the Mac 217 brush, and last but not least the 226 Smudger for smudging the eyeliner to get the smokey Kate Moss look.

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