Take out the Glitter, it's Christmas time

When it comes to the festive time of the year i am all for the glitter nailpolishes. Sometimes i am also wearing them for normal everyday occasions, but this time of the year nobody will look at you like you're a bit crazy.

The new essie christmas limited edition caught my eye, when i was walking throw the drugstore and it was hard not to get every shade they had. So i went for this little pretty one.

These are medium sized glitters in a bronzy gold. I don't like silver glitter so much and gold can look sometimes a little bit too much, so this was the right shade of glitter.
I like to use the Loreal Colour Exclusive nailpolish in "Blake's red", which is a nice dark berry shade underneath. You can put one layer of glitter on top of your nailpolish, just do the one-nail-thing or create an ombre glitter effect (honestly that's my favorite way).

If you are looking for a nice glitter shade or you have any other reason to buy this nailpolish (not that you need one), go buy it.

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