Why you should get samples before buying skincare

I came up with this postidea while scrubing my face with a sample of the 7 Day Scrub from Clinique, which i intended to buy but got a sample first. That was the right choice, because the scrub was roo harsh for me and i felt like i was scrubing off my skin. Good thing i didn't bought the full size right away. Once i had a strawberry red face from a moisturizer, it was just a drugstore one and therefore not expensive but still.

Especially when you intend to buy a highend or more expensive skincare item try to get a sample first. The people on the counter should give you one if you ask. Sometimes if you order online or from drugstore brands you can't get a sample, which is ok. 
I will try to get a sample of the product i intend to purchase from now on. First to see if i like the texture and smell of the product, how my skin reacts to it and if it's making a difference. 
This will not only save me from purchases i'll regret, but also my skin from any abnormal reactions.

Do you get skincare samples before buying the full size?

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