Favorite 5 Travel Apps

I love traveling, seeing new countries, new cities, exploring the unknown and making experiences i wouldn't if i stayed at home. I always wanted to see the world, do a trip around the world. I have that kind of urge that pulls me to unknown places. That's one of the reasons why i'm in Canada for 10 months. Below i'll talk about my favorite Travel apps, which are five to be exact. 

This app is more a fun gadget than any kind of helping travel app. With been you can keep track of all the countries you've already been in. It will colour the visited country orange. Then you can see on a globe which parts of the world you've already seen and which ones you didn't. Another fun information is the percentage of a continent and of the world you've visited already. I think i visited 3% of the world at the moment.

An app which scans the sky for you and tells you which is the cheapest flight to your selected destination. Best thing about this app though is that you can select the option „everywhere“ as a destination. So when you're not sure where to go on holidays, just select everywhere and see which destination could be your next.

With Trip it you can keep track of your ways of traveling. You can enter a trip and then add flights, trainrides, taxis and so on and so on. If you enter the airline, date and flight number it adds the times and the details on it's own. And you can check if your flight departures at the right time, has a delay or got canceled. Comes in handy when you're traveling a lot and use different transportation methods for one trip.

This is the new place to go and find cheap or unique locations anywhere on the world. People put their houses, flats, rooms, etc on airbnb and you can book them. Most of the time they're way cheaper than a hotel would be and you get the feeling of being a local. You can find a suitable place for you. If you're okay with just a room in the flat of the owners, want to have a whole flat or house for yourself or maybe even want to sleep in a cool location like a tree house. You can find anything, anywhere on airbnb.

If you are traveling on a budget, but still don't want to miss out on all the nice places in the world this is the app to download. You can set alarms for certain destinations and a price range and you will get notified when there's an option available.

Do you have any travel apps you love and i should take a look at?

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  1. Oh, danke für die tolle Sammlung! :) Entweder hatte ich die Apps schon oder hab sie jetzt. ;)
    Meine Lieblings Reiseapp ist CityMaps2Go, eine großartige Offline-Kartenapp mit GPS-Funktion. Ohne die hätte ich mich schon sooo oft verirrt. :D