How to NOT buy beauty products

It may seem strange to write about this kind of topic on a beautyblog, where i write about all the products i love, can't live without, want to or already have purchased. And it is. Kind of. I think i will never be able to hold me back from buying too much, too expensive and totally unnecessary beauty products for a long time or forever. But from time to time it is a good idea to stay away from tempting beauty isles and give your bank account a rest and a chance to recover. Afterwards you might discovered new favorite products in your own stash and may discovered what kind of products you like to use, you need in your stash and kind of products you should stay away from.

All it did to me to not purchase any kind of beauty products i didn't need (not that i need any to be honest) is that i am more secure in my buying and know what i want and what i don't.

First things first and the obvious one, just don't enter any beauty isles. If you don't you don't get tempted and you can't buy anything. Easy but effective.

Still you can't stay out of drugstores or beauty stores forever, because we have needs. We need the everyday stuff like shampoo, shower gel, moisturizer and co, which are ok to purchase. Problem is you have to enter a beauty isles for this and there are so many tempting things you want to throw in your basket and buy. What helped me was making a list of the things i needed and sticked to the list. If i only need hairproducts i don't stop at the cosmetic part of the store instead i headed straight to the hairproducts. Don't even look (:D).

If you read beauty blogs and watch YouTube videos like i do and don't want to stop, but can't help it to get fixed on products, make a wishlist. Write the things you think you need to have on a list and after the months or the time you set for this challenge you look at the list and you can maybe even cross a few of the things you don't want anymore.

Don't go without a list to the beauty isles anymore or at the least not a lot. Put things from your wishlist you want the most on your shopping list. Maybe even set a limit of products, like 5 or 10 products. Then look and swatch or test the products on your shopping list first. If it is skincare, ask for a sample and try it at home. If it is a highend product read reviews and see if it would fit you and your beauty habits and if you would actually use it after the purchase.

Did you ever challenged yourself to not buy any beauty procuts?

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