June Favorites

The around 40 degree hot weather makes me not wear makeup at all or it will be washed away after jumping into the pool. And i didn't purchased any new beauty bibs or bobs so there is nothing new to tell in that department. If you're interested in my current favorite makeup products check out my Mai or April Favorites.

I don't like to use perfume in the warmer months, so i'm all for Body mists and sprays. First of all you smell so fricking good and it refreshes your skin so nicely. I like to use it in my hair too, although i know it's not the best for your hair because of the alcohol in it. Once somebody told me that I and especially my hair smelled so good. Afterwards i was thinking about what i put on and it was this Body Mist from Victoria's secret. It smells sweet and fruity but not too heavy.

 I don't like the "dirty" sweaty feeling of my face in the morning, so i want something that cleans and refreshes my skin and makes it feel fresh. The facewash from Neutrogena does exactly that and my skin doesn't feel thight or dry afterwards. Another plus is that it helps against pimpels and blackheads so thumbs up for that.

 I got this as a gift with my purchase and at first i didn't liked it at all. It feels too heavy on the skin and the thing that really really put me off was the smell. It just smells like glue. Ugh. At some point i used it on my dehydration lines and it was like a miracle. They were gone. Like immediatly. Still hate the smell though.

Lollipop is more summery red. It has a orange hint to it and i love the shade. Tart Deco is a peach coral with a lot of white in it, so it makes your tan look intense. The two shades i'm wearing all the time. And i found out the perfect way for me to wear essie nailpolishes. Two coats and that's it. No Basecoat, no Topcoat and it lasts 3-4 days. Awesome for summer laziness.

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