April Favorites

It is getting really warm (25-30 degrees) here and i got quite the tan already. Beauty wise there isn't much i use at the moment, because i'm either too lazy or i'm using the products i already mentioned. I haven't bought beauty products for the last two or three months. Holy...that's quite a time. And yes i do feel the urge to run into a drugstore at the moment.

This one again. I have the feeling my favorites keep repeating themselves. I have the phase again, where i rather lay the ten minutes longer in bed than bothering with my makeup. Just slap it on to correct any uneven skincolour add some concealer and mascara done. Boring i know.

I had this for half a year now and never used it before. Yep, i have to much makeup stuff i know. So one day i saw it and used it and now i love it. When everyone is going for a bright lipstick or glossy formulas i am going for the dark colours and matte formulas...I am just weird. I just love the look of it and it doesn't fade awkwardly or anything and with a bit of gloss in the center of the lips it gives the lips a really nice look. 

Now since i've got a bit of a tan on my face i can use this concealer without it looking weird. I was searching for a concealer with high coverage, because my holy grail concealer i normally use is more or less empty and i can only get it in germany.  It has a high coverage, isn't drying under the eyes. And it holds a good amount of time and doesn't crease. On top i like to use a bit of the maybelline instant age eraser.

I used up all my other shampoos and conditioners (there will be a empties post soon) and finally allowed myself to buy new ones. The Oxygen Moisture series from Dove is supposed to moisturise your hair without weighing it down and makes it so more voluminous. My hair is fine and straight and tends to lay really flat on my head throughout the day. The oxygen moisture shampoo cleanses my scalp and hair good without being harsh and the conditioner moisturises my ends nicely without weighing them down. If your ends are really dry, you should use a hairoil or hairmask afterwards, because the conditioner doesn't nourishes your hair a lot.

What were your favorites this month?


  1. I love the Revlon lip products--I'm officially obsessed with their lip butters. I think I have about 10 colours now. Ooops!


    1. hahaha :D i fell in love with them too, i definitely need more!
      oh, and i love your blog and followed it right away :)
      xoxo Lara