April Lookback

PRODUCT TO ADD TO THE WISHLIST - Those new released Pop Lip Colour + Primer lipsticks from Clinique are smiling at me since i saw them for the first time in a newsletter. They are primer and colour in one and they have a velvet finish. Plus they are supposed to moisturise your lips for 8 hours. Definitely sounds good and everybody in the beauty world seems to like them. "Plum Pop" and "Beige Pop" are on my wishlist and may be purchased soon.

BLOGPOST TO READ & VIDEO TO WATCH - This month there isn't only a blogpost or a video to watch, there is both. And those address a very important issue in our society and a problem a lot of girls and women struggle with. The pressure of having the "perfect body" and being fat. I think as long as you are happy with your body and you don't have any health issues you can look however you want to look. And nobody should have the right to tell you that you are ugly or fat or whatever, because everybody is beautiful in his/her own way. Watch this video and read this post and share it with everyone, please.

FASHION ITEM TO WEAR - A red and white striped Ralph Lauren Long sleeve shirt. Simple, nothing special, but i really like the look of it and it's and easy through over and you look dressed. I could find the exact one i have, but in different colors (though i would want those colors too) here.

SONG TO HEAR - While listening to the Canada Top 50 on Spotify the song "Honey, I'm Good" from Andy Grammar came up. I heard it before somewhere and really liked it, but didn't knew the name and was therefore not able to find it. So i was pleased when it came up and i can't stop listening to it eversince. It has some kind of a different touch to it, i want to say it's country...but i don't think it is. I just can imagine people dancing country line dance on this, in western outfits.

NEW REALEASE TO BOOKMARK - The Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Colour Quad looks so gorgeous...WANT! It was there before in August/September 2014 and is added to the permanent line in May so if you didn't get it before or if you feel in love with it just yet (like i did) than bookmark it in your calender.

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