Beauty Sins i commit

Let's be honest. We all commit some sins once in a while and beauty sins aren't an exception. And i am no exception from it. I know that i shouldn't do the following things, but sometimes i just can't help it. I saw this post idea orginally at A girl and a Beauty Blog and immidiately felt addressed and like you will see i commit some of her sins too. And what about you? Are you guilty of some of the following sins?

- not washing my brushes everytime after using them. I finally came around to do it once a week after argumenting with myself for ten minutes if i should do it now or if i can wait another day...or week.

- not removing makeup before going to bed. I know, i know, veeery bad for your skin. I know it, but sometimes i am already nicely snuggeld up in my bed and it's so nice and cozy. But it only happens very rarely, i promise!

- not using moisturizer in the morning. Sleeping until the very moment i really really have to stand up, because otherwise i would be late. And then i am in such a rush, that i don't have the time for the extra step in the morning.

- skipping SPF. This one is quite a dangerous one if you think about it. We don't get that much sunshine in Germany and i just want this nice tanned glowy skin so bad. As long as i don't get a sunburn, everything is alright. In my head. I definitely should work on using more SPF.

- touching my face and my hair. A lot, a lot, a lot...

- keeping beauty products longer than i should. As long as it doesn't smell or look weird or it didn't changed texture, i keep it.

- not getting haircuts as often as i should. It's not every three months, it's maybe once a year. And the rest of the year i cut it myself...with nail scissors. Hereby i promise to go twice a year to the hairdresser.

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