A hairmask i sleep in

The sun that is shining nearly nonstop and the chlor in the pool do some damage to my hair and make it feel dry and look frizzy in the ends. So i went and purchased a hairmask. 

The L'oreal Total Repair 5 Replenishing Mask was my pick and it is not only good for in the shower to make your hair feel smooth again and tame the frizz. 
My favorite thing to do with it is to put a good amount of it into my ends and lengths, massage it in, put my hair into a loose bun and go to bed. It does wonders overnight. 
Wash your hair like you always do in the morning and you are left with smooth, shiny, not frizzy, healthy looking hair. 
My hair hasn't looked that good in months and i don't want to part with this mask anymore.

What is your favorite hairmask and do you like to put it in overnight?

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