what is it about the chunks of glitter?

I seem to stumble over products that are supposed to put a nice shimmer or glow on your face or lips. but in the moment i swatch them or use them i am always shocked by the amount and size of glitter in them.
The blush that is supposed to combine a blush and a highlighter to a dewy/glowy looking touch of colour on your cheeks. But there is no "slight" shimmer in it, there are big chunks of glitter in it, like those you sprinkeld all over your glue covered paper when you were three. In the winter it's maybe not that bad and noticable, but in the summer when the light hits your cheeks you look like a discoball. Who wants that? I mean i don't want to offend anyone, but i can't understand how that looks good on anyone.
And that's not even the worst. The worst kind of product with big glitter chunks in it are lipproducts. Lipglosses, Lipsticks or Lipbalms. First of all the discoball factor isn't appreciated on the lips either. Most of the time the colour fades, but the glitter stays and then you look like you just put glitter on your lips. Ugh. Another thing i hate about this glitter is the feeling on my lips, it feels like i have exfoliating granules on my lips.
I don't know why the people who invent and plan beauty products don't make them shimmer slightly instead of just putting glitter in it.

Do you like those glitter products or are you put off by them like i am?

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