An ode to creamblush

Recently i purchased my first ever creamblush. Yes, i am so late to the party that everyone else is already leaving again... But better late than never. Right? Because now i discovered the advantages of creamblush and understand why everybody likes them so much.

A longlasting formula, which is perfect for hot summer days and long working days to make sure, that your blush stays on your face as long as possible. But that's not the best thing about creamblush.

It's the finsih. Recently i am struggeling with skinlike not visible foundation/concealer application and hiding my pores. The discovery of creamblush is a good addition to my stash for this cause. Once applied you can't see it on your skin. It's like an invisible wash of colour on your cheeks, that makes you look like you had a slight jog. Love it.

I always feared creamblush in terms of application. How to blend it probably so you don't end up with a chunk of colour on one place? How to not end up overblushing, because the colour in the tin looks terrifying.

I should stop raving about creamblushes, because everybody else probably already knows. There are a lot of different productbrands, priceranges and formulas, so sometimes it's a hit and miss. I will keep adding products to my creamblush stash, so i would love to read about some of your recommandations.

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