Topics you will read about here from now on

There were quite a few changes with dots in gold this month and there will be a few more next month. I thought about what i want to do with my blog, where i want to go and what i want to blog about. There are a lot of topics i am interested in, but i couldn't decide which ones i want to write about the most. Some of the topics that i thought would work didn't and some i craved for writing about.

No worries, Beauty will always be the main theme of dots in gold, but the changes will affect the other sub themes i will write about in the future.
The second main theme on this blog will be Travel. There won't be a schedule how often i post about travel, but there will be a few posts here and there, when i have something to write about. I am definitely excited for that, because i love to travel and see the world and i also love to read blopgposts about what to do there, what to eat and also tips on where to stay etc..
Fitness and Books won't be included at all or if than just because i really want to share something with you, so there won't be a monthly fitness post or the read books category (i only did one post anyway haha) anymore.
Fashion bibs and bobs will be included at some point, not sure when though, but it won't be a big focus. There probably won't be any Outfit posts, rather the lifestyle like posts (Hauls, seasonal wardrobe staples, etc.). So stay tuned for that.
Another theme that won't be a major one, but a regular one will be Food. I love Food (especially baking) and i love to make it. Baking recipes, Vegetarian dishes and some healthy food ideas will be featured here and there.

I hope you are as excited about the changes and are not to sad that the Fitness and Book category will be more or less gone from dots in gold.
If you have any post recommandations let me know please!

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