your lips but better lipsticks

What would the world of beautyproducts be without the your-lips-but-better coloured lipsticks? A quick sweep over the lips and your lips look better than before without having to check on the colour and the fear of the awkward faded lipstick. It's just so easy and that's the reason why i love them. I have a lot of your-lips-but-better coloured lipsticks and today i will show you my top 3.

This is the first colour i bought of the Maybelline Color Elixirs (725 Caramel Infused) and it won't the last one. A creamy gloss, that feels nice and smooth on the lips and has a colour pigmentation i never expected to be there. It's a gloss right... Doesn't dry out your lips at all and leaves a slight tint on the lips after the gloss wore off. For a gloss it's quite longlasting and this is probably my favorite of the three.

The Milani lipstick in 25 naturally chic is the matte one of the three. It can be a bit drying on your lips, so i moisturise my lips before to work against this a bit. Because it's a matte formula it is longlasting and it has a good pigmentation. One thing that puts me off though is the smeel. It smeels like a candystore, but in a too sweet too unnatural way. The smell fades after a few minutes otherwise i couldn't wear this lipstick...

You may have seen me rave about those lipsticks here. The colour 07 natural beauty is the perfect your-lips-but-better colour and the first one i owned. So this lipstick is responsible for the whole obsession. Creamy formula, not at all drying on the lips and longlasting, what is there more to say? And it's a bargain. So go and buy it (:D).

What is your favorite your-lips-but-better lipstick?

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