Taking a break

You may have noticed that it went quiter here and on social media the last two months and i am truly sorry about that. I continously tried to get out of the writing slump and get back on schedule, but it never really worked out.

I simply can't find the time and when i have time the motivation to write any blogposts and the ideas for them are rarely there, too.
Instead of forcing myself to write posts or come up with ideas that won't be as good as i want them to be and written with care and passion, i decided to take a break. Not for long just until i have more time to spend on my blog and to truly do with it what i want to.
Taking a few steps back from blogging and from the permanent pressure to come up with ideas that just aren't there and the guilt to not have posted for another week will help me, i'm sure, to get back into my old writing and blogging shape.
My stay in Canada slowly heads to it's end and in the last week of August i wouldn't be able to post anything, because i will be in Montreal. In September i will be back home in germany and therefore will have more time to work on posts and so on.
I intend to start posting in the regular wednesday, friday, sunday schedule beginning from the first or second week of September.
Until then i wish you a nice rest summer holiday, enjoy the sun and i hope to see you back in September.

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  1. Hi! Hättest du lust ein tauschpaket mit mir zu machen:)?